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Written by RLAdmin2
7 Dec 2013 11:37 am
American shot in Benghazi is allegedly CIA agent - Libyan sources

American shot in Benghazi is allegedly CIA agent - Libyan sources

Sources within Libya, including intelligence sources within the Libyan Tribal system have reported that the American shot in Benghazi today Ronald Thomas Smith II was not a teacher as was widely reported. Tribal elders report that currently there are no foreign teachers employed in Libya and that Ronald Smith was in Tripoli meeting John McCain on Tuesday and Wednesday according to sources who were present during the meetings.

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According to inside sources members of an Islamic extremist group called “the Council of Libyan Rebels” organized an ambush of Mr. Smith when he returned from Tripoli. The man responsible for the killing of Smith is reportedly one Wesam bin Hameed but this has not been corroborated.

Bin Hameed is associated with Ansar al-Sharia and is a well-known Islamic extremist terrorist leader and according to Libyan sources there are individuals who were eyewitnesses to Bin Hameed’s direct involvement in the killing of Chris Stevens. According to sources Mohammed Morsi was the head of Ansar Al Sharia and planned the attack on Chris Stevens, something that would implicate his involvement in the killing of Stevens.

Libyan sources point to the strange behavior of Mr. Smith and many circumstantial facts that point to him as being CIA, he had been living in the CIA compound where Stevens was killed, and was regularly seen jogging, something unheard of in Benghazi, there are also suspicions due to his meeting John McCain.

According to sources at the McCain meetings, McCain was in Libya to meet with Abd Albaset Gteet, who is apparently being backed by the US to be the next Prime Minister of Libya and who will be instrumental in a forming a western backed government.

Tribal sources say the tribes and the Libyan patriots have effectively shut off the flow of oil out of Libya and that there are European countries absolutely in trouble because Libyan Bonney Light oil is the only oil they can refine because of restrictions in their refineries.

American teacher killed in Libya's Benghazi - hospital  

An American teacher was shot dead in Benghazi on Thursday, 15 months after a deadly attack on the US consulate in Libya's second city, medical and security sources said. The dead man was a US citizen who taught at the city's international school, security services spokesman Ibrahim al-Sharaa said.

He was shot dead as he was taking his morning jog in the central Al-Fwihet neighbourhood of the city, Sharaa said.

The body of a 33-year-old US citizen who had died of gunshot wounds was brought in to the Benghazi Medical Centre, its spokesman Khalil Gwider said.

Benghazi international school director Adel al-Mansuri said the slain American had taught chemistry since late last year.

In other violence in the increasingly lawless eastern city on Thursday, two Libyan soldiers were shot dead in separate incidents, the latest of dozens of security personnel to be gunned down in recent weeks, security officials said.

The violence rocking the city, which was the cradle of the NATO-backed rebellion against veteran dictator Muammar Gaddafi, is largely blamed on jihadist groups that have mushroomed since he was toppled and killed in 2011.

Chief among them is Ansar al-Sharia, a jihadist group accused of the September 11, 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi that killed ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

Libya's new authorities have tried in vain to integrate former rebels who helped topple Gaddafi into the regular armed forces, with many militias carving their own fiefdoms, each with its own ideology and regional allegiances.