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Human Rights Reports

Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
23 Jul 2013 1:32 pm
Statement of the Group for freedoms of Development and of human rights and the Observer Association Human Rights on current events

Statement of the Group for freedoms of Development and of human rights and the Observer Association Human Rights on current events

The freedoms for Development and Human Rights , and the observer Association for Human Rights follow up with deep concern the fast-moving events taking place in Libya and in this transitional phase , which we consider to be the most dangerous , in which will formulate the country's Constitution , which preserves the rights of everyone and protects the freedoms and from what threatens the process from attempts to infuse chaos

And Through the events of the last period which is full of scenes of chaos and violations of human rights of bombings and kidnappings, assassination and forced detention and death outside the framework of the law, in front of the fragility and weakness of the State and negative ways to deal with the events, which led to its aggravation that affected the stages of state building and democratization, which the international community were standing by the Libyan people in their struggle against the military machine and its leaders.

Today, the same issue is repeated from practicing of violations, injustice and terrorize civilians in their homes by fighting between armed battalions and use of physical and psychological terrorism against the other, and the practice of kidnapping and torture of some affiliated to those factions forgetting primary goal, which they came out for which is removing injustice and topple with the unfair persons. And the question that we all have is why? And for the favor of who every day we are losing lives and wasting money and increase the cycle of hatred between the components of the Libyan society? 

We also express our astonishment of the official attitude of the government towards these acts , and conflicting statements of some officials about battalions and the security committees between legitimacy and illegitimacy as we express the lack of satisfaction with this and what is going on between the corridors of government

And we give it all the legal responsibilities for the task entrusted to them which satisfy the rights of citizens, protect and defend the interests of the country.

What the our country is going through is a serious indicator as we draw the attention of all citizens and civil society organizations and honorable leaders of the country, for our confidence in the people that are able to correct the path we ask them for the need for coordination and cooperation in resolving crises by peaceful means and to avoid the use of violence and the threat of force regionalization and the need to examine appropriate ways to address the phenomenon of violence and torture , kidnapping and stand against it is required of all shades of society and its components because these actions harm everyone and can victimize anyone .

And while we congratulate our people and our country for the holy month of Ramadan, the month of mercy, we Appeal our brothers and officers and employees of the armed factions and rebels not to be dragged into those voices that drag the country to enter into chaos and disrupt the democratization process and transmit the strife for goals and purposes that are not dishonest.


We reiterate our call to civil society activists and the activities of our community and its leaders and politicians to wrap around the nation and support the legitimate and stand against the flagrant violations of human rights and the unify the speech that criminalizing torture and to renounce violence and hate speech

Issued in Tripoli 20/07/2013