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Human Rights Reports

Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
21 Agu 2013 10:45 pm
The coalition Statement of human rights organizations from Yemen and Libya on the current events in the Arab region

The coalition Statement of human rights organizations from Yemen and Libya on the current events in the Arab region

The chaos that the Arab region witnessed does not encourage the building of a democratic climate to meet the aspirations of the peoples in freedom and democracy, dignity and social justice.

While we are deeply concerned about the continuing chaos and the escalating violence that claimed the lives of many in those countries, accordingly,

The Arab Group of human rights organizations from Libya and Yemen who signed this statement condemns all the ongoing violence.
It also condemns the use of excessive force by security forces and the army to break up the peaceful sit-ins, which killed many lives and we emphasize the importance of the right to live  when applying the disengagement  processes of rallies and demonstrations by the security forces and the army because its  results will be tragic and the entrance of this countries into chaos that are difficult to control will pull it  to internal fighting and that does not serve the benefit of these countries in the stability and democratization.

We demand the judicial authorities in Egypt to have full responsibilities of showing the full truth and to initiate immediate investigations to identify the responsible for the violence that killed Egyptian citizens and to hold them accountable.

As also the Group of Arab human rights organizations from Libya and Yemen condemns the repeated attacks on worship and demand not to respond to calls that aim at the sectarian incite that take the country and the region into a sectarian war, which have catastrophic results on the region

 We also demand all sides in the Arab countries, which are currently going through chaos and security tensions to calm the situation and not to exploit events to feed more political conflicts and not to neutralize the option of using force and violence to get its gain.

We emphasize the great importance of a real dialogue between all parties and to maintain the interest of our countries and the region to What can bring stability to the region and save it from chaos so the Arab countries can complete the democratic process and agree on a roadmap that blocks the road to the parties that are trying to make the region as a internal fighting Square and a hotbed of tension..

 As we call upon all Arab human rights organizations, to  coordinate among them and to work  in accordance with legal means within the framework of the pursuit of improving the human rights situation in the region and seek to address the violations and work on  issues of rights and freedoms for the better,

The human rights organizations signed on the  statement supports the roadmap, which would restore the situation to normal and would be supportive to the process of democratic transformation.

  • Group of freedoms and human rights development _Libya
  • Association of human rights Observer _ Libya
  • Libyan Association for Human Rights _ Libya
  • Libyan Association for Human Rights _ Libya
  • Human rights activists for justice _ Libya
  • Shafei Organization of human rights _ Libya
  • Arab Organization for mediation and conflict resolution _ Libya
  • International Center for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution _ Libya
  • Organization of justice and human rights _ Libya
  • The tomorrow makers for the development of human rights organization _ Yemen
  • True Foundation of human rights _ Yemen

Issued on 19 - August 2013