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Human Rights Reports

Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
7 Sep 2013 7:18 pm
Observer Society for Human Rights condemns the government of Zidane walking with Libya to the abyss and fallingAssembly of human rights observer conde

Observer Society for Human Rights condemns the government of Zidane walking with Libya to the abyss and fallingAssembly of human rights observer conde

Assembly of human rights observer condemned the government of Zidane walking with Libya towards the abyss on purpose, and Assembly issued a statement today confirming the government's failure to take any procedures to maintain internal security or the protection of human rights, in addition to the widespread of poverty in the country.

The following is the text of the statement:

The Statement of observer Assembly for Human Rights was on the government of Zidane walking with Libya to abyss and falling.

One of the most important duties of government: -

Taking the necessary measures to maintain the security of the state internally and externally to protect the rights of citizens.

National governments in the world fail to exercise judgment because of poverty and lack of resources of the State which they rule and the inability to borrow.
While the government of Mr. / Zidane have been allocated a budget of $ 63 billion for the year 2013 and demanded an additional budget of $ 15 billion.

Any government that respects itself, its people and its sincere intention to build a new state after the collapse of the former state with all its institutions and civil and military and security components must be seeking first of all to build the security, the police and military, and without which the government cannot exercise authority and governance, but instead, it has spent financial resources to non-governmental organizations such as armor and interim Supreme security Committee, which  take no order from the government, but on the contrary works against the government's desire.

And the intention of the government not to establish the necessary tools for the exercise of power and governance of security, police and the army led to the following:  waste of public money and to stop exporting oil which is the sole source for the Libyan people, as the prime minister in one of his meetings, stated that we are being bought in Libya with money and this means silencing all those who threaten the government.

leaving militias control ports of oil in the eastern region which led to the reduction of oil production to approximately 150 thousand barrels per day instead of one million six hundred thousand barrels a number that the production reached after the success of 17 february revolution, and oil is the sole source for the Libyan people and the Government of Zidane could not maintain the only funding source and in addition demanding extra budget.

Leaving some militias in the western region to lock lines for complex resulting in some cases to stop export of gas. And the processes of locking lead to the loss of a number of oil wells as a result of turning them off and cannot be restored to work again until after payment of costs and the lock also affect the gas supply to Stations that produce electricity and we all know that electricity is a major source of life in Libya.

Leaving some tribes to stop the water supply by closing some wells feeding the system of Industrial River and this act is threatening the national security of the population and is intended to convince us that the reason is the failure of the government to deliver one released prisoners to the Tripoli airport.

Because of the government's deliberate failure to combat the phenomena of kidnapping, assassinations and robbery, which occur in broad daylight that shows clearly the recognition of criminal gangs to the permission of the government and the evidenced is the lack of prosecution.
The government did not make any effort and did not give any agreed to respect human rights or a solution to the problem of the detainees and displaced persons or conduct an effective national reconciliation.

And after all this failure we’re surprised by the President of the government in h is statement as he blamed the Libyan people and accuse him of not doing his duty, and accused the staff of stealing cars and said that Libyans need a rehabilitation after satisfying his masters from the militias with funds of the Libyan people, and boasts his ministers coming from abroad with high competence and described the Libyans that they need rehabilitation, He knows and others that Libya was built by local Libyans, after answering all the  Libyan interests and the proof is that none of these problems existed in the past so it is not permissible for him to cover his failure with this speech.

upon this the Association observer for human rights demanded all Libyan citizens to organize themselves in the links, trade unions and civil society organizations and national parties that is their rights and they have to use their right for peaceful demonstration to stop this terrible progress where Libya is going towards the abyss after the main sources for the life of the Libyan people (oil- gas - water - electricity - Security) became threatened.

And Association observer for Human Rights accused the government of being behind the crisis, which is taking the revolution to the abyss and not making ​​any effort to find radical solutions, but on the contrary, they are wasting public money and encourage the various regions to separate and threaten the national security of Libya and Libyans.