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Prisons and detention centers

Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
4 Sep 2013 9:57 am
Case of Alruyemi prison hidden from the media

Case of  Alruyemi prison hidden from the media

Full story 26/08/2013

This story is narrated by one of those lucky persons who got out of prison ..... prisoners were exposed to all kind of moral and physical tragedies.

Including verbal abuse, insults, and they were deprived from their most basic rights as prisoners from visits or phone calls for long periods that may exceed months, and they knew nothing about their children and their families ..

They have not been brought to the Public Prosecution, and even those who were lucky enough to get to the prosecution to be release, were not released as it should be, and when prisoners objected this fact, they were subjected to solitary confinement and severe torture.

Moreover, the poor health condition of the prison where suitable sanitary conditions for living doesn’t even exist and no water for sanitation, as well as the neglect of the medical side and especially to reduce the spread of infectious and chronic diseases between the prisoners, and the lack of medication, and from the medical crimes that occurred and continue to happen since the establishment of the prison that there are no doctors brought to patients and not even transferred to the hospital.

There are also prisoners who have not been brought to a prosecutor since two years and there are not any formal charges against them.

This and many other things leading to what happened on 08/26/2013

The story began with the prisoner Haj "Ali Zgdani Altarhuni" 65 years-old and accused with the charge of receiving the tribes rifle, knowing that he had handed it over to the security committee in Tarhuna, where he was arrested in the events of the airport in Tripoli unfairly in June of 2012, after being beaten and tortured and brought to Alruyemi jail, was not presented to the public prosecution, knowing that he was imprisoned for a year and three months

The martyr, God willing, Haj Ali Zgdani suffers from heart disease and had already made a Coronary catheterization before his imprisonment period.

Where in recent days they have closed the doors of the prison which led to the deterioration of his physical and mental health, and he was unable to contact his family and his sons.

Knowing that the deceased asked to see a Specialist for his heart, but unfortunately he was not displayed on the Dr.

And because of his good reputation among prisoners, when he died the prisoners made a hunger strike on 08.24.2013, the prison director intervened on 08.25.2013 when he saw the prisoners’ insistence for the strike until their demands are listened.

And Haitham Beit Elmal, director of Alruyemi prison, promised all the prisoners that he will bring the district Attorney tomorrow to hear the complaints of all the prisoners and they all will be display on the prosecution and the innocent will be released.

The next morning, 8/26/2013, Hossam El Sakr, one of the guards provoked the prisoners in the first cutter after their insistence on strike, where he insulted them, he started to shoot them randomly and the prisoner "Khalifa Altaorga" was shot, which caused in a case of rampage between the prisoners and they lost their temper because the prison guards disregard the lives of prisoners.

After official working hours, none of the officials of the prison arrived, so the prisoners uphold their voices and cheering, and guards was firing into the air to scare them, which have affected prisoners, and then "Haitham Beit Elmal" entered and went to Section 6, as narrated from some of the prisoners that he told them what is happening outside of the congestion militias and they will shoot them all, including himself, and that the situation is bigger that they could imagine.

Upon hearing this from the prison director officially, they broke the main door of the Section VI and go to the main door leading to the outer ward, led by Haitham guarded by two.

And when the armed group saw them, they opened fire directly on the prisoners, which led to the injury of many prisoners, and "Ayman" who is called "rapid" fired bullets to the goal of killing prisoners, prisoners opened all doors inside the prison but did not head for the main door, and continued the random shooting and the arrival of armed groups from outside the prison to control the prisoners.

And among those who came to the shooting, we have two people recognized for their murder, crime "Adnan the rocket" and "Abdul Ghani" aka Bgenaoh and Ayman rapid with them.

And when they came, they opened fire on the prisoners directly, and make it even worse, and who is called "Adnan " brought a Box of grenades to throw it on the prisoners, and when the voices of prisoners raised, the negotiation started with the prison director to open the door to get out the injured as a result of bullets and to end the strike and return to sections.

And when prisoners bowed to conditions in order to preserve the lives of people from the brutality of the killers known with their carelessness to the lives of people.

From the facts that was changed by the official media, and by the Minister of Justice and district Attorney, where the families of prisoners contacted the Minister of Justice Salah Marghany and gave him full responsibility for what is happening to their children in prison and preserve their lives.

And they declared in the media that what happened is a process of rebellion which is under control, while what happened is a crime against innocent unarmed prisoners, whose imprisonment periods exceed two years for each, not even brought to a Public Prosecution or accused with formal charges, This work is illegal and contrary to human rights and norms of international law, where is the justice in this Mr. Minister of Justice? And because Alruyemi prison is outside the legitimate and under the control of armed groups who are committing crimes inside, but you don’t have any control over it or you do nothing but go out in the media, and save your prestige as a minister and obscure the fact that the crime that took place on this day, are all deplored by ​​international norms against prisoners, And we dare the Minister of Justice and the district Attorney to come with the report to the Cross Committee  or any other international human rights organization to prove that Alruyemi prison has good reputation and prison conditions for detainees and especially the sick of them ..

Or to form a fact-finding committee to expose this crime and other crimes of torture of detainees, and consists of neutral organizations with some of the people to determine the lying on this issue.

Finally, there are many facts in prisons that are hidden from the Libyan people and not from the Libyan government officials that the Libyan prisons are beyond the control of the government and legitimacy. This is what the prisoners made sure of from the prison director personally that not any government officials, not even the district Attorney will release the innocent person, not even the armed groups.

State funds will be disbursed on behalf of the prisoners, but in fact are it won’t be used on prisoners not to provide the necessities of life inside prison.

Noting that there are women imprisoned inside the prison for a long time up to a year and a year and a half.

Here, and we call for the people of chivalry to save the life and the dignity of our sisters who suffer from mental health conditions and are subject to tough daily harm.

And the situation of the victims of indiscriminate shooting is currently unknown if there are any critical situations.

Quoting Dardanelles satellite channel