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IDP camps

Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
28 Apr 2013 9:35 am
Tragedy of Al-halis camp .... Houses pipeline camp in Benghazi

Tragedy of Al-halis camp .... Houses pipeline camp in Benghazi

Camp Al-halis is one of the camps for displaced people in Tawergha in the eastern region out of six camps, the biggest of them is Al-halis which reported medical conditions and there is almost three thousand people displaced out of four hundred and eighty-five families, and the second is Garyounis camp and there is almost thousand out of two hundred and eighty-five family.

The third camp is located in the College of electrical and electronic Technology in El-kwarshah and includes about four hundred and ten displaced out of the forty-two families.

The fourth camp is at the Institute for the Deaf and Dumb and includes about two hundred and ten displaced out of twenty-two families, while there are two other camps, one in the Red Crescent Society in the sports camp city, called youth houses, and the other is in the region of Sidi Faraj. "

The total number of who exist Inside these camps are about ten thousands of displaced people in addition to other five thousand are divided between those who rented a house for his family and those who live with relatives.

A lot of diseases have spread in Al-halis camp and especially among children, there are seriously illness cases as a result of unhealthy housing for those families.

As a result of the extreme cold, the families residing in this camp, which suffer from a shortage of blankets and heat as a result of living near the sea, that expose them to disease as a result of freezing cold. There are four children were infected, "Matouk Abdul Rahman Altaworgy" who suffered from anemia and deficiency of important nutrients and vitamins resulting to the loss of his sight, and the child "Ahmed Mohammed Boezkih," who suffered from tuberculosis.

Some photos for the camp