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IDP camps

Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
28 Apr 2013 11:46 am
Karyounis camp

Karyounis camp

There is almost a thousand out of two hundred and eighty-five family at Garyounis Camp,it is not better than the rest of the displaced camps in Tawergha distributed across Libya ,as it’s very cold in the winter and there are limited availability of the necessary materials, despite their appeal, but it does not provide them with basic needs of the citizens of Tawergha who were expelled from their city and their homes in front of the eyes the world and the Libyan government and still their situation is getting from bad to worse.


Garyounis camp also was subject to attacks more than once, one of them was on 19-06-2012 and has a very large group as a clear picture showing Benghazi youth while demanding the departure of displaced people in this camp immediately from their city and the argument was that there had been fire shot coming from the camps, although the claim was not proved yet.


19-07-2012 the events of Garyounis

a youth at the camp named Farid went out to the food shops infront of the camp with a distance of approximately 200 meters, was stopped by 3 youngmen and told him, that he is Wanted and to get in the but he refused and asked them to give him the arrest warrant if he is wanted ... They told him to ride the car and the tone of the dialogue have changed, one of them tried to dragg him by force, but he refused and escaped heading off to the camp being followed by car and hit him in front of the door of the camp, the members of the security at the gate went out and found  Farid under the car,they  got him out and the three young men went down from the car and told the members of the gate that he was wanted for arrest. And they refused to hand him to them unless they are competent authority so they tried to take him by force, a fight raised between them and members of the protection of the gate and increased so they started to shoot the protection guards,so they tried to defend  themselves with stones and sticks and one of the three young men attacking the camp was injured by stones and fall down and made a  call with his wireless saying thatTawergha’s youths are armed... Although the members of the protection were shooting bullets in the air and what after a while some of the advocates of sedition came and started to insult slander the tawerghans.

After that the young people of Tawergha called on the people in Benghazi and the good of this Virtuous city, as well as young people who are jealous on their families from inside the camp and defended themselves and responded to those who do not want any good for Libya and its people ... knowing  that the brother who was beaten is not Wanted and there is no charges against him.

some pictures for the camp