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Women & Violence

Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
15 Apr 2013 1:52 pm
A civilian woman is prosecuted in front of a militarycourt

A civilian woman is prosecuted in front of a militarycourt

Name :  Hend

Age: 38 Year-old

Marital Status– Divorced

Work :  Dialogue Forum, Omar Mukhtar Street - Airport Road - external connection

Residence  - Factory Abu Salim

Red Saraya battalion came to her house, search it and her Father was imprisoned for 18 days

The charge - they possess weapons at home

The next day she went to the military supply in Sawani, told her that there is a complaint against he as they own weapons and there is someone who saw her in Green Square, supporting-Gaddafi

She told me that on 8-2011 she come down into the arena in Ramadan to carry the Food only for the displaced.When she was stopped for the first time her father has to bring all the papers to release her,including her medical report and passport and a business card and weapons license,on 2-3 in the month she was in the hospital because she complained of stomach problems,

And she was asked by the battalion commander spend the time with him and to Forget all the charges and will give her all papers and when she didn’t  agree they charge her with the  murder of a whole family from the east 14.5

Was asked about the weapons, which she owns and replied that it was stolen during her return from the El- Zawia street where her mother lives and she knows him by name, place of residence and she gave him the weapon after he threatened her, this person named Abdullah, he lives in their street.

She Was released and signed on her words and was not called agaiin until  3-2012

By the Military Police where she lives in the villa with her father in Private Suite they broke into  the yard and stole the whole thing and cursed her with all kinds of insults, the place of the headquarters of the military police is El Hadaba project where she has been beaten and tortured in this place with electricity with the charge of killing  a whole family and placed in House where there were 6 drunk men and not normal.

On 16-10 -2012 she was contacted by a person who identified himself as he was a prosecutor and she is required for investigation and called again on Date 16 -10 on Tuesday

The first word addressed toher by the prosecutor is that if something happened to witnesses she’ll be killed - and told her that the reports of the Red Brigades was converted to the prosecution 

and the charges by the prosecutors:

1 - torture of handicapped in arena

2 - the suppression of a peaceful demonstration in Ybuslam

Knowing she said that the only peaceful demonstration was on 20-2 -2011 and she was suffering from the disease

He told her if I have a sister like you,I would kill her

She was imprisonned and it was extended for 15 days and that there are witnesses against her and said that witnesses changed their statements against her and told her, you have a contradiction in your words for your weapon once you told meit was stolen and once you told me you gave it to him, she said he chased me and he is a rebel, and I gave him the weapon and they then licensed it of the person who stole it and said it was when they chased me,I was hit in my legs and was presented to the forensic doctor, and she said when entered the prosecutor room,found the person who stole the gun sitting at the prosecutor and drink coffee and the prosecutor who named Osama Ghwell said God knows we will leave  in custody.

I was not giving my papers and lost the medical reports handed over by my father when imprisoned for the first time in order to be released

The medical report , the definition of work , gun permit card everything have been lost

Currentlythey  have in the prosecution only the People's Guard document and passport only

The Forensic report requested by the prosecution came with the following that she has injuries in the body of the solid with a period ranging between 6 to 8 months and this disturbed the prosecution as well as there are no signs of bullets.

Current charges against her by the prosecution:

 1 - a danger to the safety of the State Security

2 - The suppression of the demonstrators on 21-22-23-8 2011 in Abu Salim

3 - waste of public money

carrying weapons and walk around without a license knowing that there is a document at the popular Guard and has licensed to carry it with her job 12 years ago

4 - Complaint of weapon from who called Abdullah, who stole the weapons and now has licensed it

Currently these prisoner in a prison in the capital Tripoli, and  does not want to reveal the  place where she exists because they are pushing on her father and threatened him