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Women & Violence

Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
16 Apr 2013 3:47 am
The death of a Libyan journalist after a kidnapped attempt in daylight in front of traffic policeman

The death of a Libyan journalist after a kidnapped attempt in daylight in front of traffic policeman

The journalist Eman Tira was exposed to an abduction at gunpoint around three in the afternoon, in front of the eyes of the traffic policeman who was just watching as she said I was excited and I can not Describethe the situation, but said: -I am among the members of the Media Committee of the First Conference of accademies, universities and civil society organizations, was sent to the headquarters of the Commission and I wanted to deliver material media, handed over the material and came out of the headquarters  at three in the afternoon and at an intersection Street I stood to rent a car to go back home and stood beside me an opaque glass car,, so I moved immediately on my feet and they continued in annoying me, so I pointed to a taxi, and got into the car and as the car reached the island of rotation (the Egyptian market) the owner of the car who was bothering me opposed the car with weapon in his hand and said literally (get her down,she is mine) I was amazed and the driver of the car told him (Oh man!!) but they respond,get her down  now, otherwise I will empty the bullets in the chest and here I do not know what happened to  me as a weapon and attempt of hijacking and taxi driver, I opened the door and came down and scream in the middle of the street, one of the cars stopped and unconsciously I opened the car’s door and got in it, Unfortunately the traffic police and one of them with a motorcycle were watching the scene did not move a muscle (here collapsed Eman and cried and cursed some officials of rage).

Haven’t you open a report?

Do not open a report against whom? If the Security exists no one would dare (the offender bastard) to try to kidnap me in the middle of the day and I wear a decent dress and respectable human being as you see yourself in front of the eyes of the men who are counted on security and Where is security? if not the people of chivalry of young in Benghazi God only knows what would be my destiny and I want to deliver a message to the interior to authorize women to carry weapons to defend themselves as security men stand as spectators and are afraid of criminals and greeting for each one who has in his veins chivalry to save me and God bless all the women of Libya ​​from outlaws As long as the law is in a deep sleep and I hope that the security men will work as they spend millions per month•

After this meeting,, journalist collapsed

Was transferred to a hospital Galaa

There she died,,, said that the cause of death was a heart attack