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Women & Violence

Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
16 Apr 2013 4:01 am
Najat Mohammed Marghany

Najat Mohammed Marghany

What is happening in Libya, specifically the National Guard headquarters in Tripoli where there are arrested more than sixty Lybian Girls without trial or any charges... The head of this device (((Khaled Sharif))) practice various kinds of psychological torture and physical abuse against detainees once by shaving their hair and another time by letting who work for him to rape them in front of him and finally spraying their faces with fire water , and the burnied the girl's face:; Najat Mohammed Merghany a detainee there for five months and when her health became worse, she was  transferred to a hospital in Tripoli and presented to the  alternate doctor in secret basement of the hospital and after Dr. mentioned the need to remain under care at the hospital she was transferd back  to the detainee without taking into consideration her condition and the advice of the Dr:and one youth took a picture of her at the hospital