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Women & Violence

Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
26 Apr 2013 2:37 pm
The absence of security and the raping of girls in Libya

The absence of security and the raping of girls in Libya

Wael Alshawadfy:,

Libya of arrests, Libya of torture, Libya of murders, of political assassination, Libya of weapons and finally Libya of rape and sexual abuse.

Nasser Al Hawary the President of the Libyan Observatory of Human Rights, the agent of the founders of the Libyan network Human Rights in a press release said that the  rape is a scourge abhorrent and an aggression on the human race, it’s done only by unscrupulous, they are wolves in the body of humans, days ago In Benghazi, the capital of the revolution , five of them went out, stripped of all religions, values ​​and norms, where they kidnapped three foreigners girls, , had come with their parents to Libya  toward Gaza to deliver aid to people, and what the human wolves did?! They stopped them, and kidnapped them somewhere in the city of Benghazi and raped them alternately, they did it and Fajr azan rises in the sky of the city, for the angels of God are witnessing , they showed no mercy for the weeping and pleas of their parents, they were not taken by pity or show any mercy for the  girls, and they did it with brutality, I’m writing this statement and my eyes shed with tears, because I see my daughters, Asmaa and Fatima & Mariam, and I put myself in the father’s shoes, no one does know the cruelty of that feeling unless you are afraid that this might  happen to your girls or already happened to them, it is greater than just keeping it to be an individual work, as rape in Libya, increased after the revolution and reached an end, it was not present during the days of collapsed system, we should look at it  from the religious and ethical aspect and the impact of such crimes on the structure of society and its cohesion and our reputation in front of the world, I write these lines and I feel the psychological and physical pain that kill those three girls and their family, it is a heinous crime it is an aggression on every honorable Libyan and every Libyan woman, we are all victims. We all demand fair and speedy and public punishment for this case, which demonstrated the fragility of the security situation and the persistence of crime, as those perpetrators did not do what they did out of nothing, they know that the judiciary and the police are too weak to chase them and perhaps that’s not the first crime, but the justice of heaven was faster the four of them were arrested. And I ask the official state with quick trial for those wolves and to be punished in a public square in order to be an example for others.

Many of the Libyan people see what is happening as an offense to the woman's right and a crime against humanity as a whole, and others described it as a heinous crime and are not pleased with it, whether for Muslims or non-Muslims, this crime is against humanity. But where you are from the patient incident that been violated at the medical center and the Minister of Health came out to say it was a process of harassment did not exceed thirty seconds or a little more.

And others asks for the Libyan Mufti and how silent he is on committing sins, Why did not he comes up  with a fatwa to prohibit Adultery isn’t what’s happening is considered Adultery under duress or he is only interested in collecting money recently same as a lot of the Libyan people are doing after the killing of Muammar Gaddafi.

Source: newspaper of modern world