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Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
1 Oct 2013 7:05 pm
Libya in a week: from september 21st to September 26th, 2013

Libya in a week: from september 21st  to September 26th, 2013



Weekly report of the Libyan Monitor

Libya in a week: from september 21st to September 26th, 2013

This report reviews the most important political, security and social events taking place in Libya over the whole week, the report focuses in particular on the situation of human rights in Libya specially after the proliferation of militias and armed gangs, and the government's inability to deal with it or face it, in addition to what the Libyan citizens are facing from various violations of fundamental rights, especially women and children.

First: Security situation

1 - Explosion rocks city El Kobba eastern Libya

An explosion in the city of El Kobba,a building that includes both the prosecution and the judicial police and the police station and licenses where the explosion occurred about two o'clock noon. As reported by the media center of the city that the explosion occurred by a car bomb and building has been damaged and has been registered 3 Egyptian workers injured.

2 - Unidentified burn Gate of villages

unknown Burn on Thursday evening, the gate of villages that are 150 km south the city of Mizdah without causing any mankind loss. A security source said that the gates were burned because of the secret clash between rebels of Zintan with a group of gunmen who hijacked a number of cars belonging to the Libyan army during passage of the gate earlier.

3 - al Qaeda is fueling the tribal conflicts in Libya to recruit new terrorists

Security reports revealed that the terrorist organization called "al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb," contributes in fueling the tribal conflicts in the Libyan land, to recruit new militants in its ranks. And renewed -in Libyan darag, south-west of Libya, about 100 km from the Algerian border-, days before the dangerous tribal dispute for trivial reasons, represented in the trial of a tribe of Zintan to steal quad vehicle forcibly from the owner of the tribe Jeramna, to turn into a face off between tribals resulted in the deaths of 10 people , and the destruction of dozens of homes, and dozens of families fled into Algerian territory.

4 - dead and wounded in clashes in the city El-Zawia

News sources reported clashes in El-zawia between the Sons of Bouhmirh and sons of Saqr, and there were reports of injuries and dead fall so far and there is no limit on the number of wounded or dead.

5 - Sirte militias blocking the road link between the capital and Benghazi to demand to overthrow the government

Staged a number of militias of city of Sirte, on the road between the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, demanding to overthrow the interim government. Political Bureau chief Mohammad moftah Said that a number of citizens gathered at the road link between Tripoli and Benghazi and demanded to overthrow the interim government and apply Islamic law and the formation of a committee to hold accountable the corrupt government and the National Congress.

6 - Building and Construction Institute of Sirte was subjected to robbery and arson attack

Institute of building and construction in the city of Sirte, exposed to a sabotage, arson and theft of equipment and furniture by unknown persons. An official source in the administrative affairs of the institute for "news agency and solidarity" said that the Institute was transferred to the headquarters of the comprehensive professions as a temporary solution after the assault him until the completion of maintenance.

7 - Gunmen attacked the Endowments office in Benghazi

Endowments desk staff in Benghazi, faced a verbal abused by citizens. The head of the Department of Cultural Affairs and advocacy Nabil Sati said that an armed group entered the office of Endowments in Benghazi in an attempt to close it and prevent the entry and exit of the building, pointing out that the elders of Endowments tried to calm the aggressors, but they saw a gun and electric stick,with the aggressors raised in front of them in an attempt to hit the head of Quranic affairs the Imam of Mosque of Omar bin Abdulaziz in the Almajora.

8 - Interior announces liberalization Naseer El-ddin Souissi

The Interior Ministry announced the liberation of the kidnapped Dr. "Naseer El-ddin Souissi," the director of the National Center for Decision Support at the Prime Ministry who was kidnapped Monday

9 - Unidentified steal a car belonging to Libya’s Post Office and disrupting banking movement in Mizdah

a car belonging to the mail company of Libya, exposed to an armed robbery in the road link between Mizdah and Alchuirv. And unidentified gunmen stopped the driver and took his car, which carries the mail sent to banks, and disrupted the robbery many things of banks Mizdah and Alchuirv and Qurayyat and in particular instruments issued by the economic and social Development Fund of monthly returns for the month of June 2013 and that the owners are waiting for it for a long time ago

10 - Ministry of Defence contracts with foreign security companies to protect the borders and equipping the army

Spokesman of the Ministry of Defence, "Abdul-Razzaq al-Shihabi" revealed that Libya is in the process of contracting with a number of foreign security companies to protect the Libyan border and assist in the processing and development of the Libyan army.

11 - the escape of 15 prisoners in Zliten

According to a source familiar with the accession of prisoners smuggling operation from inside the prison near the mosque Abumngel, The estimated number of escaped prisoners from the prison is 15 to 17 prisoners from the owners of criminal cases

12 - Unidentified firing on Galaa Hospital

Unknown persons fired Sunday, at the gate of Galaa Hospital in Benghazi. The Director of the Information Office of the hospital Fadia Elbarghathy said that unknown assailants opened fire on the hospital which caused the injury of one of the security guard of the hospital with a bullet in the chest, adding that he is now lying in intensive care.

13 - Adnan Shaibani militia infringe on the medical staff of El-Zawia hospital

News sources reported yesterday from the hospital in Tripoli the attack on the medical staff at the hospital by the second backing militia headed by Adnan al-Shibani, who also was assassinated yesterday, because the medical staff were accused not saving the life of a militia leader.

14 - Gunmen attack a building traffic and licensing department Sirte

traffic and licensing department in Sirte's National Security Directorate exposed to an attack by unknown gunmen resulting in the injury of the Department lieutenant in his leg lightly wounded by a bullet, and was transfered to the hospital and is now in good health.

Second: the crimes of armed militias:

1 - unknown assassinated businessman Youssef Agag in Benghaz

iIntelligence source in Benghazi, said that unknown persons assassinated businessman Youssef Ajaj at the road Hawari in city of Benghazi. The source added that Ajaj was shot in the morning while he was in his white Toyota car with the number plate 13282-25.

2 - the kidnapping of the son of Libyan defense minister in Tripoli

in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on Wednesday, the son of Defense Minister Abdullah elthany was Kidnapped, according to a statement a of the spokesman for the defense Ministry, Abdul Razzaq Chbahi, added that the kidnapped is the only son of the minister, who took office last July.

3 - killing one of the members of the Anti-Crime Department in Tripoli

Commission of the fight against crime declared the death of one of its elements in Tripoli during a raid on the formation of neurotic at Zahra area in Tripoli. Media sources said the martyr is a member of Enforcement Administration crime at branch of Tripoli, "Hassan Mohamed nageh, (23)-year-old, was killed during a raid on a large group to steal private and public cars in the Zahra area near dialysis hospital.

4 - The assassination of the commander of the second attribution Adnan al-Shibani

Security source confirmed, the assassination of the commander of the second attribution of the temporary Supreme Security Committee branch Tripoli Adnan al-Shibani by the hands of unknown assailants. The sources confirmed that Shibani was shot as he left a barber shop near his residence of the street in the western Gurji in the capital

5 - the kidnapping of one of the founders of the movement of a martyr to revive the nation Izz al-Din

unidentified, on Saturday evening, kidnapped one of the founders of the movement martyr to revive the nation Izz El Din Wahishi and two of his bodyguards in the capital Tripoli. one of the coordinators of the movement Menem Sharif said for "solidarity news agency" that Wahishi was kidnapped after leaving the Martyrs' Square, accompanied by two friends after leaving in a demonstration calling for dropping the interim government and the general National Congress

6 - torture of thecitizen Ibrahim Osman Almnona after his abduction

The Libyan observer published images showing the effects of torturing the citizen Ibrahim Osman Almnona, on 09/26/2013 after what being kidnapped and tortured by Jibril Baba the commander of the eighth force of shield to Libya after he talked about the thefts of the dues of members of the employees of Libya shield the at Southern District

Third: The political situation:

1 - debate within Libya on Libyan military training abroad

the Libyan government's plan to train thousands of military personnel in a number of Western countries, raised the fears of a large sector of political and military leaders of the country, while some saw it as a drain of funds and warned of the repercussions on the security and the formation of the national army, others considered it as "a first step for the construction of the Libyan army. the Program of the Libyan government includes training of eight thousand soldiers aged between 18 and 35 years, divided in five countries: Turkey, Britain, Italy, France and America.

2 - Zidane told CNN: the state does not exist yet in Libya

The head of the interim government Ali Zaidan said that Libya is not a failed state because the state does not exist yet, saying during a meeting with a television interview with the american CNN that that the idea of democracy to be built in a month is just an illusion, and added: We are trying to create a state and we’re not ashamed from it, the outside world believes that Libya has failed.

3 - Declaration of Fezzan as a federal territory .. And the formation of a higher council for tribes

A group of elders and chieftains of the southern region declared Fezzan as a federal territory, also announced the formation of the social Supreme Council for the tribes of Fezzan, in a meeting they held today in Ubari. The participants said that they make that move because of what they described as "the poor performance of the General National Congress and the government did not meet the requirements of the street, especially in the Libyan Fezzan region," according to a statement issued after the meeting.

4 - Shura Council of Elders of sabha refuses announcement of Fezzan as a federal provinces

Refuted the Council of Elders and the Shura Council and the Union of Civil Society Institutions of Sabha what some media channels said around the announcement of the federal district of Fezzan, and they condemn strongly these actions., And made it clear in a statement issued that what some of these channels said is "untrue," noting that who who have been contacted do not represent anyone but themselves, and that the Council of Elders and the Shura Council and the Union of civil society institutions strongly condemn these actions.

5 - notables of Ajdabiya refuse the federalism and to recognize the announcement of youth of Burqa

The notables of tribe Azwai in the city of Ajdabiya in a statement announced they are against the Federalism and impose it by force of arms on the Libyans, stressing that all the children of the tribe in Libya are against the federalism and they do not recognize what called Declaration of young of Burqa Ras Lanuf

6 - the tribe"Kabayle" refuses the invitations of separatism and stick to the Libyan territorial integrity

The chieftains and dignitaries and members of the tribe, "Kabayle" announced their full refusal for all calls of separatism that would lead to a split and the division of the country. The sons of the tribe renewed in their statement issued which they held in "Zueitina" their adherence to the unity of the dust of Libya.

7 - resignation Aldepana of the party of Justice and development

the head of the party of Justice and development of the general National Conference Abdulrahman Aldepana resigned from the party because of the importance of communicating with the various parties in neutrality, said Aldepana in a statement posted on his personal page: I resign of the party of Justice and development as required by current circumstances of the urgent need to work and contact all social frameworks and all parties and partisan with neutrality will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the tireless efforts.

8 - Representatives of civil society organizations are demanding the formation of the Fatwa and independent commission to investigate corruption

The representatives of civil society organizations for the eastern region, demand on people of the western region and the government the formation of an independent committee of the Supreme Court to investigate the oil sector. And representatives of organizations demanded to know where have reached the district Attorney with the investigations into cases of corruption and bribery,and to know where the investigation with the items who surrounded the ministries in the capital Tripoli have reached.

9 - mutual accusations of bribery between the Chairman of the Committee of Energy at the Conference and head of the political bureau of Burqa .. And the conference formed committee to investigate

The chairman of the Committee of Energy at the General National Congress "Naji Mokhtar" reaveled the transfer of what "Ibrahim Aljdharan" said about the accusations of the Commission and the government to pay bribes to resolve the crisis of stopping the oil fields and ports in the Eastern Province to the National Congress. The President of the General National Congress "Nuri Abushmin," had a decision to form a committee to investigate the allegations.

10 - Rights Watch criticizes lift the immunity of 3 MPs, and calls for the repeal of laws that criminalize Defamation

human Rights Watch, in a report said that Libya has to maintain the freedom of expression, and to repeal laws that criminalize Defamation, including Article 439 of the Penal Code. Human Rights Watch said that Libyan authorities should not take any formal action in a complaint of the Criminal Defamation, against the three members who criticized the party.

11 - demonstrations in Tripoli and Benghazi to overthrow the government of Zidane

Tens of citizens Saturday, at Martyrs Square, the center of the capital Tripoli. demonstrated and raised slogans calling for dropping the interim government due to its inability to find solutions to the crisis situation in the country, especially with regard to the security situation. As demonstrated a number of citizens of Benghazi, in the city's Kish Square to demand the departure of the interim government and the National Congress.

12 - the resignation of Abdul Salam moftah member of the National Conference for Sirte

According to news sources from the city of Sirte member General National Congress for the city of Sirte Abdul Salam moftah resigned from the membership of the Conference

Fourth: the economic situation

1 - Libyan Iron and Steel cut production due to power outages

The power outages forced Libyan Iron and Steel Company (Lisco) one of the largest steelmakers in North Africa to cut production and the closure of one of the manufacturers of iron smelting. The energy sector is witnessing the worst unrest since the Libyan civil war, which broke out in 2011 as impacted the reduction of production in the eastern gas fields on the supplies needed to run power plants. Company officials said the Libyan Iron and Steel Company, told Reuters this week that the company is currently producing about 625 thousand tons per year, or less than 40 percent of its production capacity which is less than the target level this year.

2 - A Libyan official says that Libyan oil production is stable at 650 thousand barrels per day

A senior official in the National Oil Corporation on Friday said that oil production stood at about 650 thousand barrels per day after that Western fields resumed production this month, but the main oil installations in the east of the country are still closed. And said Belkacem Shonkir, to Reuters that Libyan crude oil exports stabilized at about 580 to 590 thousand barrels per day, and the rest of the production is moving to the corner refinery

3 - Chairman of the parliament's energy commission: no progress in the negotiations to reopen the oil port of Harika

The Chairman of the Libyan parliament's energy commission said on Monday we may re-open Port Hariqa in eastern Libya this week, but there is no progress in the negotiations to end the conflict is causing the closure of the largest ports in the east of the country for weeks. said Saad bin Hradh, told Reuters, "so far there are no result in the East and particularly in the area of oil at Al Hilal - Ras Lanuf, lotus and Zueitina

4 - Zidane: four ports are still closed and no oil exports from it

The head of the interim government, Ali Zaidan, on Sunday, said that four of the oil ports are still closed and no oil exports from them. He explained - that "the government and the crisis Commission emanating from the General National Congress are fully busy in this matter and met yesterday, in the city of Tobruk for two days to work on finding solutions to this crisis.

Fifth: Human Rights:

1 - International Criminal Court demands Libya to hand over Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah al-Senussi to it

Spokesman of the International Criminal Court, Fadi Abdallah, said that the the court demanded the Libyan authorities, to hand over Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah al-Senussi. the demands of the court Came after continue the primary court Zintan Thursday, consider the case of the accused Saif Gaddafi, on charges of engage in dialogue with foreign team to the detriment of national security, and the judge postpone the trial session, to the twelfth of December, at the request of the defense and to inform the other defendants to appear in court.

2 - Seedawi: legal and policy conditions for a fair trial in Libya is not available

Director of Arab Center for Political and Social Studies Riad Seedawi in an interview with "Russia Today" from Geneva considered that Libya living stage legal, security, military, economic chaos, and thus, the conditions of legal, social and political for any fair trial is not available. Seedawi said that in the interest of Saif al-Islam be prosecuted front of the International Criminal Court, as a more equitable in the circumstances.

3 - The Arab Organization for Human Rights calls on the government to respect freedom of opinion and protest

the Arab Organization for Human Rights branch of Libya, on Saturday, Called on the demonstrators who are expected to go out in the afternoon demanding the departure of the National Congress and the interim government also called on some communities and organizations, to stick with peadefull demonstrations and not to use violence. The organization added in a statement that the government and authorities have to respect freedom of opinion and protest as long as it’s peaceful gatherings.

Sixth: Libyan international relations:

1 - Egyptian-Libyan discussions on the crisis of visas and the continued closure of the consulate in Benghazi

The Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee at General National Congress Abdallah Darsi, heldc a meeting with the Egyptian ambassador to Libya, Mohammed Abubakar to discuss the mutual relations between the two countries. a source from the Committee of Foreign Affairs Said that "the meeting will address the problem of Egyptian visa restrictions on Libyan citizens and the continued closure of the Egyptian consulate in Benghazi, forcing the citizens of the entire eastern region to go to the capital Tripoli to get them.

2 - migration 800 Egyptian caught with visas that were rigged in China

Foreign Ministry deported nearly 800 Egyptian from Libya because of entering the country with forged visas, was rigged in China. As invited Ambassador Ali el-ashry, Assistant of Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs and Egyptians abroad during a meeting with editors of diplomats, not to resort to any intermediaries or entities for the acquisition of these visas unless these visas issued by the embassy and consulate of Libya, or through entities accredited by the Libyan side, stressing on the importance of understanding of conditions experienced by Libya and the need to control its borders

3 - shuting the crossing of Ras gadir after the clashes at Tunisian border

Tunisian army closed the Ras Jedir border crossing with Libya, after clashes that took place between the Tunisian and Libyan, which forced the Tunisian army units to shoot in the air to put an end to these clashes. The media reported that the disturbances broke out yesterday at the crossing, between the Tunisian and Libyan because of a person who attacked the youngmen from the Tunisian town of Bnqirdan with a sharp object

4 - a confidential report to the U.S. State Department accused the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to kill the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi last year

The Web site "World News Daily" said that the U.S. results of the secret investigation conducted by the U.S. State Department about the murder of the American ambassador in Libya last year, revealed the possibility of the involvement of the Brotherhood who ruled Egypt in attacking the consulate and the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens. the site Pointed out that "Thomas Pickering "who is leading the investigation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the accident, which occurred September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, he assured the hearing committee, which was held in the Senate assertion that all the investigations carried out have proved the involvement of one of the Egyptian Islamic groups, in the planning process and kill the American ambassador and three Marines.

5 - British Ambassador discusses with local Gheryan to find a way to collect weapons

British ambassador met with the local council and deputy of National Congress of Gharyan city in addition to the military and rebel leaders to discuss finding a way to collect weapons from citizens. And added the Source that the conferees agree on the establishment of schools in the city.

6 - European Deputy highly critical of the performance of the European Union in Libya

the European Deputy Ana Gomes strongly Criticized the performance of the European Union in Libya and preview for political and security developments within it. The MP who belongs to the group of socialism and with Portuguese originally said that the European Union do not pay enough attention to the demands of Libya for enhancing security and institutional capacity of the country.

7 - Tunisia: the leader of Ansar al-Sharia exists in Libya

According to the Tunisian news the leader of al-Sharia supporters , Salafi jihadist-leaning, Abuayad, and its original name is Saifullah bin Hussein, is in Libya, noting that " all the security reports received by the Interior Ministry confirms it,". It is noteworthy that Abuayad is hiding since September 2012, and the Tunisian authorities suspect he is behind the protest against the film insulting the Prophet which has evolved into an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tunisia in September 2012 which resulted in four deaths among the attackers.

Seventh: The living conditions:

1 - Touareg Ghadames is homeless .. Conference and government ae ignoring it

a number of displaced citizens of the city of Ghadames, asked the General National Congress and the interim government to consider their living conditions. And explained one of the displaced, most of whom belong to the tribe Eltouareq that for the duration of their displacement from the city two years ago they were given by the Red Cross and civil society institutions Jebel Nafusa the assistance, but they stopped for submission of the near term.

2 - power outages from Kufra

some neighborhoods in Kufra, Sunday, Seen interruption in power electricity due to a malfunction in one of the stations that exist between neighborhoods. one of employees of electricity company Confirmed that work is underway to repair the crash as fast as possible. And from their end the people Kufra expressed their dissatisfaction with outages of electricity, especially with the rise temperature. It is noteworthy that some of the city's neighborhoods are experiencing electricity outages until this time.

3 - Alchuirv teachers are protesting to demand their financial rights

A number of teachers of Alchuirv protest in the the main square of the region asking for their financial rights. A reporter for "solidarity news agency" said that teachers of the area protest to demand taking their salaries on a regular basis, as well as teaching and promotions owed to them

4 - Sirte residents are protesting against the delayed payment of compensation

a number of residents of the Giza area of Sirte, Staged in front of the local council of the city to protest the Council delay on disbursement of initial compensation for damages caused to the residents during the war. The protesters demanded to get their compensation like other neighborhoods in the city

5 - faculty members of alchuirv the protest delay of salaries

The faculty members of Alchuirv area on Sunday organized a protest in the main square to protest the delayed salaries and lack of access to rights and financial benefits.