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Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
9 Sep 2013 6:37 pm
Mofty Ghiryani, for the government: adhering to stay with deficit is cheating for the parish and betrayal of trust

Mofty Ghiryani, for the government: adhering to stay with deficit is cheating for the parish and betrayal of trust

The Grand Mufti of Libya Sheikh Sadiq Ghiryani, said that the minimum for any government in the world, to do for the sake of its people - to give her the right to keep and stay - is the people's sense of security for their lives and their money, and in their ways and businesses and functions, and its ability to impose its sovereignty on the wealth of the nation, and the entire soil.

The Ghiryani in a statement via his official international information network that "the government if they meet the conditions of survival of these, it must then achieve justice among the parish, and demonstrate transparency, and work on equal opportunities between the sons of the nation, based on sufficiency, experience and qualification, in jobs and positions, and act of delivering rights to their owners, and to support the oppressed, and to hold embezzlers, and to prosecute the corrupt, and abide in all with the laws.

Ghiryani said that "something else in accordance with the dictates of tribal or partisan, or hope for staying in the ministry or office, is a cheating of the parish, and the betrayal of trust and responsibility, and reneged on the swore and the covenant that promised God with, and gave him the day that swore to the public, where is government and state institutions from all this.

Ghiryani that "the government said in a statements that it would not be patient to something that has no end about the outlaws, when we would see the end of the government patience, and the wealth of entire country has been taken by force at gunpoint for a month, or more, and the criminals and Outlaws are significantly increasing "

The Ghiryani "the responsibility of the members of the government in this and in other is solidarity responsibility,so its failurehas to be borne by all of its members, as far as their responsibilities without exception, not exempting anyone of them, at this critical juncture, its inability to be heard, or not taking his opinion and proposal, as continuing with its inability to prevent the murder and injustice. And he continued that the government's inability to meet minimum requierments for its survival, loses the right to continue, and have no right to stick with their inability to solve the country's disaster, History is ruthless, and God is the avenger who is not overlooked. "

He said Ghiryani "It’s not fair for the Libyan people, to enable the government and give it confidence from the Conference by an absolute majority, while to be exempted it’s with two-thirds majority,
and directed Ghiryani his advice in the statement of the government, saying: "to stick to stay with a disability is playing in stoppage time, "and playing in stoppage time afford the home - I do not say every day, but every hour - a high price, of life and property, and destruction of institutions, and the destruction of young people, and looting of money, loss of prestige, and disregard for the sovereignty, those are the lanes and paths chaos, is it a roadmap drawn to Libya these days, after all of life and blood of the martyrs.

He called at the end of his statement the General National Congress not to hesitate and not to delay in taking bold decisions and strict to save the homeland security and wealth and funds of the nation, and accelerate the empowerment in security positions and financial to those who deserve it and that does not allow more wasting time.