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Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
9 Sep 2013 6:36 pm
Libya Brotherhood criticize Zidane's visit to Egypt and meeting al-Sisi and consider it as a political maneuver

Libya Brotherhood criticize Zidane's visit to Egypt and meeting al-Sisi and consider it as a political maneuver

Party of"Justice and Development", the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, criticized the visit of the President of the interim Government in Libya Ali Zaidan to Egypt and meeting the Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and the Chief of Staff Sedki Sobhi.

The party said in a statement issued by the offcial, he is aware that Zidane's visit to Egypt comes within the framework of a political maneuver for the shuffle the cards and to take the public attention away from domestic issues, pointing out that the party would not pay any attention to it, and is quite aware with the most important phase entitlements.

noted the statement that the visit of Zidane to Cairo took place at a very tough time for his government, in the mid of demands for his resignation from inside the National Congress and outside, because of what have reached the government of failure on all levels, as a result of the poor performance of the prime minister, and his failure in resolving the most important files, and mainly a dossier of building the army and police, which caused a lot of security breaches have led to the suspension almost entirely for the export of oil, after the control of armed groups on the fields and ports, in addition to the destruction of power plants, and the theft of cables, and the occurrence of a series of assassinations, kidnappings and insecurity.

The party said that the visit comes in the mid of the inability of the government, not to mention the deterioration of the level of services to citizens, because of the failure to activate the local government, in addition to several other files, including, the file of corruption of Foreign Ministry and the depletion of public money.

In a clear criticizing for the visit and the current situation in Egypt, the statement said that the Party of Justice and development and all the free and honest people who believe in the Democratic path and reject military coups and respect human rights, regardless of which ideological direction, «we express extreme dismay of this visit, which carries the blessing and recognition fot this coup and its leaders.

The statement added: «This visit is inconsistent with the principles of the revolution of the seventeenth of February, which in which the Libyan people presented tens of thousands of martyrs for the sake of freedom and respect for human rights and for the success of the democratic process, not to mention that the move comes from the Prime Minister and a state which is one of the most important countries of the Arab spring, Libya ».