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Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
7 Sep 2013 11:17 pm
Representatives of trade unions councils issuing a statement because of the current situation

Representatives of trade unions councils issuing a statement because of the current situation

Text of the statement:

The founding document of the Interim professional Trade Union Confederation, under current situation which Libya go through and what the country is suffering from crises and bottlenecks that is almost rocking the unity of the nation, and threaten the security in this important and decisive time, Honest people who don’t have any interests but their home,don’t have any agenda sensed the seriousness of this situation, Which is now threatening the unity, security and stability, where gentlemen call the members of boards of representatives of Trade unions:

1 - General Union of Lawyers
2 - General Union of Journalists and media
3 - General Union of Physicians
4 - General Union of engineering careers
5 - General Union of Teachers
6 - General Union of Pharmacists

all driven by the hope to build a strong Libya, unified state of law and institutions and have united care to achieve, where they held their first meeting at the headquarters of the General Union of lawyers Tuesday morning, corresponding to 03/09/2013. committed, God willing, to achieve the noble goals of the mobilization of determination and unifying and push honest, loyal sons of Libya and exposing the trial to steal the sacrifices and trading with the blood of the martyrs those who do care about anything except their pockets until correcting the 17th of february blessed revolution and to take critical strong positions unified about what is happening of events and developments. The attendees signed the record of the establishment of the Interim Trade Union Confederation as a civil institution of the Libyan civil society organizations aims to achieve the objectives referred to,and calling all trade unions to join the Union where at this important meeting they chose a President and a deputy and a Rapporteur and his spokesman.

God save Libya from all the bad and glory to God and immortality to the martyrs

Issued in Tripoli 03/09/2013

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