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Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
7 Sep 2013 11:13 pm
The death of Emir al-Qaeda raises disorders in Sirte

The death of Emir al-Qaeda raises disorders in Sirte

The recent clashes in the Libyan city of Sirte caused the death of a young man during the weekend as reported, which prompted tribal elders and lawmakers Libyans, on Sunday, September 1, to direct calls for calming. For that Izz al-Din Elamin one of the city's residents, says "the center of the city of Sirte witnessed during the past few days, several clashes with light and medium weapons between two armed groups." Izz al-Din "heard loud explosions and exchanges of fire in various parts of the city, some public property were damaged." He asked the General National Congress of the western faction of Libya Shield forces to intervene to ensure stability in Sirte. Elamin said, "There are talks and a series of ongoing meetings between the local council and the Committee of Wise Men and all the city's security agencies responsible for putting an end to a security breakdown that has occurred recently in the city of Sirte, from clashes and assassinations, attacks on the property of the state." He went on to say "There is a great dissatisfaction with what is happening ill-establish security."The reports indicated that Libya Shield forces were ready to intervene in case of deterioration of the situation. security threat increased last month when Gihadists of Derna said they would move to Sirte. The extremists threatened to kill all who stand in front of them. The threat came after the base commander was killed in Sirte. And who died last month after clashes with the Legion of El-Zawia Martyrs of the Libyan army.

Amin Mansouri Working at the University of the city, 24 years old, said "Ahmad Attir, AKA Abu Ali, commander of Farouk battalion and the newly erected by al-Qaeda as prince of Sirte, wounded in Sirte." And reports indicated that the Islamic Combatant was transferred to Tunisia where he died of his injuries on August 4. Mansouri added, "two foreigners were injured at Farouk Battalion, namely the Tunisian Hassan Mohamed and Algerian Ali Sassi, were seriously injured." Clashes with Ansar al-Sharia were not the only events in Sirte. Journalist Yusuf Mohamed told Magharebia that Free Radio of Sirte was exposed to vandalism and theft. Because of the theft of equipment, stopped broadcasting of the station.