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Arrested and Missing

Written by Alrassed Alliby Editor
18 Agu 2013 2:31 pm
Libya and the federal division... Quick success and failure and the tangle of interests

Libya and the federal division... Quick success and failure and the tangle of interests

By / Mohamed Amin Mohamed

In Benghazi, on Saturday, a group calling itself the "Youth Movement Burqa" declared Burqa a federal territory, and the creation of a defense force for the region. This conference comes in the context of mainstream support of the pro-federal system and the right of Burqa in local governance with wide powers within the framework of the Libyan state within which previous conferences were held in Benghazi and others.

The current Libyan scene gives justification to the emergence of political movements of different identities and tendencies as what is happening daily is due to the degeneration of aggravated murder and assassination and the loss of resources and wealth that push a lot of areas and population groups to despair of the possibility of putting an end to frustration or suffering in the short and medium term.
If we detected the pulse of the street and a sense of overwhelming in the Eastern Province or area of ​​the South through statements and data and even conversations and appearances media to individuals and groups belonging to it, we would touch the depth of resentment of the format that management of the post-armed conflict in Libya walk through. The voices criticize the lack of security and safety, and not to activate the laws, and ignoring the need for reconciliation and re-displaced persons and the release of detainees, in addition to the disruption of the two files of reconstruction and supplying the interior areas and border multiple needs and dealing with the benefits of living and the security and health of the current stage

The criticisms are directed mostly to the Libyan state after armed conflict in the central institutional and composition of what is called government and the National Conference, councils and local structures. And questions about the relevance to say the end of the military conflict in the country's armed??Because the conditions of tension and hostility and tear and revenge are still fresh and entrenched among more than one party and most of the area and the city and a village.

Although the deficit is official and governmental and legislatively in the first place in my opinion, the rampant failure which affects all steps to recover In fact testifies to the failure of the whole community, the failure of the entire Libyan community in dealing with the tragedy and getting out of plight given by god in this stage of its history.

As the Society and the state and its components were not able together to get out of the crisis and its repercussions, confirms the existence of an imbalance within this structure. As the state, which is supposed to be the embodiment of the will of the people of any community, has so far failed in the task of collecting the Libyans, it is normal to be exposed to questioning or attack and lose prestige.

what we are witnessing in Libya has shaken the confidence of the components of society in the state entity, and weakness the sense of loyalty to it and belonging to it, so some components dared on the state and made with not being ready the possibility of infinite inability of the State, patience on the failure and abandonment to the duties and obligations toward many areas
The rejection and lack of confidence in Libyan state took the form of brandishing the independence Declaration and put the federal state within the framework of a director to the dilemma of the central state deficit, and soon brandishing reached the stage of permitting the declaration of burqa, and Fezzan threats, Amazigh and Tuareg and Toubou.

Despite the taint of these calls from suspicious timing, in intellectual offering and in circumstances in which it emerged. Despite the automatic and immediate rejection that directs against it by many Libyans who believe that the unity of the state is sacred is not likely to questioning and debate. Despite the association of the era of partition and federalism for some Libyans with the foreign tutelage, ignorance and scatter.

despite all this, the crisis experienced by the country and the efforts of the solutions and the need for knocking all doors to save it, make it non-defective to throw it up loud, and interact around it, and consider what may have its pros in the community that have suffered of conflict and internal strife and foreign direct intervention represented by of NATO.

The call for federalism is not catastrophic as some may think it is compared to the devastation that happened in Libya, and discussing region's desire or a city or tribe, or any form of community self-determination or to obtain a strong local self-rule or decision-making power away from the center will not increase the catastrophic situations in Libya. And to refrain from clear transparent discussion will not accelerate the resolution of the cross-cutting issues in our country, will not give us the magic formula or sooner way out of the impasse.

It is true that the experience of Libya with the federal not that tempting to repeat. But some Libyans seeking to return to the Federal past reveals the extent of the violent trauma the community has suffered, and in psychology, the mind refuge to the past and hold it up when it collides with reality and refuses to the details. The Libyan case is not an exception here. But away from psychoanalysis, what is going on also indicates a lack of improve the state in its current form to a level that meets the aspirations of Libyans and satisfy their ambitions.

The center by itself means the center of the thing, or the heart of the body. Center feeds the other members of the body, and shall provide them with life, such as the heart in the body, and the upstream in the river. Then the linkage between parties is the reason for life, and splitting it brings drought and patio.

Does the center give - any state represented by its authority in Tripoli – life for the others?

Can the Center ensure the profiteers to Libyan citizen in the south and east, west and center?
Is it capable of ensuring the security of the citizen in the various regions?

Can the center maintain the wealth of Libyans and ensure good distribution, and ensure its safety and flow and transparency in what works for Libyans who are supposed to have been toppled the state of unfair and replaced it by a central authority "elected?
The easier question is what can the center of the Libyan state present to the Libyans, three years after the end of the war?

Answer may be disputable. Some would answer in the negative and others will respond in the affirmative. The numbers and percentages vary and the debate will not end to answers to serve the essence of the subject, which benefit the Libyans on the feasibility of continuing under the central Libyan authority or not. This is the essence of the subject.

But the different answers about the proportion of successes and failures resolved by systematic controversial temporary waiver.

Yes, central Libyan state may be in its current form has had some success in some areas, and to a lesser successes in other areas, and failed in some or most of them, it does not matter.

Then, ask the question the most difficult and sensitive. Where the central state succeeded? And with whom it succeeded? Who did benefit from its success? Who is affected by the failure? And which cities and groups have benefited? What are the cities and affected groups?

This in turn brings us to another dilemma which is the will of the achievement of the central state, and the reasons for non-completion. Why did the central State of February failed in the cities? Why it did not succeed in the south of Libya? Why it did not succeed in burqa? What is the cause of its failure? And who is the beneficial of its successes?

All of these questions translate into the confusion and mystery that is the Libyan scene today.

If the Libyan state in its current form and its present state is unable to carry out their duties assigned to it to their citizens, it behooves them not to stand as a barrier to the attempts by some areas in searching options and other alternatives. At the end of the day all derives its strength from the parts. And it should not run counter to the course of the water. Because the people are of the components of the state and the source of its sovereignty and imposed a tool and his favor is the target of the creation of any entity.
But what’s no one is strong enough to say today timidly or fear or opportunism is the key that leads to explicitly express an opinion to the question of federalism and self-governance and self-determination. For us as Libyans and the nation is ailing stretched in our hands to find to its illness the antidote.
Some Libyans consider the wealth of their country does not reach them. And it does not affect them in their daily lives. And have no role in addressing their problems and their needs because of the inability of the state for the management of resources..
The others believe that resource management supposedly belongs to the state and the people together, not the state nor the people.
But others believe that accusing the state of dereliction is injustice because they are not capable of controlling or failure
The result of this, the state has become a burden on the Libyans deprived of their wealth, and they are almost sharing with them daily food.

Libyan state has severe poverty, despite the richness of the country
Center in the Libyan state, the exception in the world, do not feed the parties, but absorbs resources in order to survive and continue
So what is the way to convince the advocates of federalism or secession or autonomy to stay in the light of the consolidated Libyan Country?
And how to convince who lives next to an oil port watching his fortune shipments leave on ships, some carrying banners and some not carrying any and they are killed by sorrow due to being deprived of them?
How do you shut this Libyan which his officials announced that his fortune shipped without counters which is believed to be in the process sacrificing? And that his patience on the plight of his homeland is paid in waiting for the next prosperity? How to remain silent while discover that others blackmail the national feeling to steal Him away?
How can they keep silent while their wealth is swallowed and their productions are held by certain cities? Account for political gains and financial returns? And dominate the political decision and dominate the army, police and security and the movement of all facilities to the center? And visited by ambassadors and open their consulates!!!
Why is the recognition of the state of Misratah that no one enters without a security clearance and prevents others in Burqa and Fezzan or Mount Nefoussa and the people of the East and the Toubou and Tuareg the Amazigh and others the claim of autonomy for their regions and manage their own affairs?
And why blowing armed formations in various specialties to protect Tripoli and hundreds of millions are spent in order to secure them for one month, and is draining the other areas of the security to live on the assassinations occurred daily and wake up panicking the sounds of explosions and missiles?? Is it in Tripoli and Misurata, Libyan and the others are foreigners or second-class citizens?

The case of injustice felt by Libyans in many areas threatens entrenched hostility and seeking revenge. And the spread of hatred, and delayed the efforts of national reconciliation and restore the rights and solving the problems of displaced persons and detainees. In addition to the disruption of the political solutions and the absence of will and freedom of decision, All these factors combined represent a sufficient reason in my view, to give the opportunity for Libyans to choose their own.

Libyans in the south has to try their free choice in researching for a formula to solve their social and economic problems, encourage them to exercise local authority and prevent the concentration in the center and seek to involve citizens in the management of their own affairs and to participate in decision-making themselves, allowing them to achieve their goals through governance by the people and for the people.

And also to the people of Burqa, and all other areas can continue in the same path.

This call is not absurdly but is a simple process to the heart of the equation.

the opportunity Must be given for other regions to solve their problems and employ their own physical capabilities to go beyond the effects of war, and employs its natural resources for the benefit of the region only until achieving sufficiency, and then can collaborate with other regions and exchange with them, but cooperation is optional without threat or coercion.

Also each region takes into consideration the grievances and make necessary compromises reconciliation between its citizen to achieve social peace and harmony necessary for construction, it’s able to better identify the real needs inside it and directing efforts towards satisfying the desires and needs of the citizens and start a new phase of work to increase production to achieve growth, progress and prosperity.

And every region could collects weapons of its people, and handles antagonisms, and heal wounds and has them militants and also gives them a chance to construction for a better future, because this is the cause of extremism and militancy and economic development and education in the first place. These approaches are forgotten by most of the theories which fight extremism and terrorism.

Then, after the development of every region and solving its problems, Libyans can consider the merger within the one Libyan state if they want it. And then the decision is free, and they will be responsible because they will bear the results of their decision whether it’s negative or positive, but it’s not possible today to impose central state holding everything to them, and compel them to bear the deficit and shortened, and be subject to the influence of other cities with force and arms and take over the wealth and loot public money and monopolize power of decision complete!!

The path the formation of a sovereign region in Libya will be useful in the future. Then the state will be a solid, orderly and fair.
The problems experienced by Libya since the announcement of its union stems from the instant decision unit, which people did not have any role in it, which was not supported by the decision of popular and support ensures continuity and prosperity. So applying it by force was a disaster and maintains this deficit and these gels more catastrophic.

The concept of nation and state not abstracted in time and space, and not a sacred saying in such living conditions. Sanctity of the homeland comes from immunity. And the duty to sacrifice for it and giving the spirits fall for anyone who does not feel the dignity, freedom and prosperity within it.

We only want to Libya wellness and recovery, but certainly today what Libya pursued or what imposes on the Libyan people is not an option and does not serve the future of the Libyan people in something. But it is a service for a small fraction of Libya, usurped the decision and took advantage of her ordeal to reap gains in the absence of the people.

It is now the time for the other Libyan regions, which is more Libyan and originality of the greedy "Masrati", and the "Tripoli", to declare imposing their will with the utmost speed and firmness because every hour brings them more challenges, and every day is causing to their children more pain, and gives aspirants in its resources more opportunities to enrich and looting.

Each of the above and others, I do not see in the federalism purely evil. I do not see any problem for Libya. What it is facing is egregious than the federal. I do not see -God knows- in the continuation of a country without a nucleus. The continuation of the state in this way the seed of an internal conflict does not end, the source of regional destruction is coming.

The God of the intent behind