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Human Rights Reports

Written by adminm1
13 Agu 2013 6:44 pm
The observer Society for Human Rights statement: on the failure of the government and the Ministry of Justice in establishing the rule of law

The observer Society for Human Rights statement: on the failure of the government and the Ministry of Justice in establishing the rule of law

The current phase for which the General National Congress and the current government have the authority in Libya Characterized by following:

The deliberate Intellectual Jamming: Due to lack of controls for the freedom of the media and social networks and the absence of formal media outlets that ensure convey the truth to the citizen resulting in distortion of people’s ideas through the dissemination of rumors and false news and accustom people to adopt ideas and news without any proof.

Impunity: lot of assassinations was occurred by bombing, kidnapping and murder under the torture, alcohol poisoning and other intentional crimes, and we haven’t seen any criminal brought to justice? The victims’ families are suffering the sorrow, pain and sadness and cruelty of life and handed their commands to God…

According to human Rights Watch, estimations at least fifty-one murder case was occurred in Benghazi and Derma in a wave of assassinations expanding politically and according to these human rights the authorities did not pursue any person for such crimes, and did not detain any suspect

Deliberately failed to reveal the truth :no one revealed the truth of any of the crimes mentioned to the point that the Minister of Justice has vowed to resign if not disclosing the fact of the assassination of human rights activist Abdul Salam elmesmary  as if the rest of the crimes do not have the same priority this speech is incompatible with the simplest concepts of justice, he also  has precedents by  giving time the prisons that practice torture in Misrata and gave it legitimacy while building a new prison in  Misurata, he also does not care about the citizens, who are exposed to torture and lssan hatta said to Issa elasfar in Tamina’s prison to torture and kill until we  equip the new prison although he knows what is happening in these prisons of torture in his capacity as a lawyer .

Thus, the Minister of Justice has failed in his plan, which carried the slogan (Libya, the country of law, justice and respect for human rights))

It is  a plan that the government was supposed to  apply during the 15 months (from 1 - 12 – 2012 to 28 - 2 - 2014) to achieve several objectives, including respect for human rights and prevent violations and create an independent judiciary, and administrative apparatus, and financial and technical support effective and a judicial police high professional.

After nearly two-thirds of this period the government did not change anything but make the violations of human rights worse and the biggest operation of the escape of prisoners in el kwifia prison took place in Benghazi and the truth that reveals itself that the prisoners and detainees were held hostage for an indefinite period and the Ministry of Justice doesn’t have the ability to solve their problem not the day nor tomorrow there is no need to delay and mute the truth

08/12/2013 Tripoli /Association for Human Rights Observer