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7 Jul 2013 10:02 pm
Sahmain : The revolution is no goldmine

Sahmain  : The revolution is no goldmine

The revolution is not  “a gold mine nor an opportunity to redistribute wealth but rather a chance for the equality of rights and duties to rebuild the state and the nation” said new General National Congress president Nuri Abu Sahmain in his first major speech.

He maintained, in a broadcast on state TV Al-Watanya, that Libya country stood on the brink of maturity with the GNC elected exactly a year ago and a new constitution in the making.”

However he said that the Congress would   not forget the role of the revolutionaries in liberating the country and securing its borders. They would  always be co-founders of legitimacy.

He promised that the Congress will work to integrate the revolutionaries. “ By their involvement in state-building, they will become heroes in peace, just  as they were the heroes in the war.”

Abu Sahmain said that the Congress is currently working with the government to end the current war-wounded scheme. He intended to present to Congress a law for the families of martyrs, as well as legislation to regularise the treatment of amputees.

Other legislation that he flagged up along a law to enshrine the independence of the judiciary and its activation by the Supreme Judicial Council, so as to complete the building of state institutions.

He also said he wanted to follow up the Justice Ministry’s plan to extend its control over prisons and insist that there will be full respect for human rights.

He called on all Libyans to work together and to start building the army as a military institution based on Islam.