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5 Jul 2013 3:03 pm
Hamid Al-Hassi injured in Benghazi attack – two companions die

Hamid Al-Hassi injured in Benghazi attack – two companions die

The controversial head of the self-proclaimed Cyrenaica Transitional Council’s military wing, Hamid Al-Hassi was injured this evening in a Benghazi attack in which two people walking with him died.

Hassi was leaving a TV station, where he had just given a live interview, when the unidentified attackers struck outside the building. A spokesman for the city’s Joint Security Room, Mohammed Hijazi confirmed to the  that Hassi was shot in the stomach. No details on his condition were being released, nor the name of the hospital where he is being treated.

One of his colleagues, Khaled Al-Arafi  died instantly when he was hit in the head and the other, Hamada Faitouri died of his wounds after he was taken to hospital.

This is not the first attempt to assassinate the federalist leader. Last November he survived  but one of his bodyguards died and two others were injured, when gunmen opened up on his vehicle as he was arriving at his farm home. Hassi had apparently decided to leave the vehicle before it reached the farm gates where the gunmen lay in ambush.