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Crimes of armed militias

26 Jun 2013 12:14 pm
Prison chief murdered in Tripoli

Prison chief murdered in Tripoli

The head of Al-Ruiymi prison in Ain Zara, was assassinated this morning.

Wissam Ismail Smeida was one of the men who, late during the revolution, attempted but failed to kill Qaddafi’s intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi and other members of the regime who were taking refuge at the unfinished Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Hay Al-Andalous

Smeida, who had been head of the Capital Martyrs’ Brigade, was attacked today outside his home near the prison. His assassins are unknown, but it is thought they may be linked to one of the prison immates.

Senussi’s daughter Anoud is being held at women’s section of the prison.