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Arrested and Missing

20 Jun 2013 12:15 pm
Bodies identified

Bodies identified

The Missing People and Martyrs Ministry announced that the remains of 102 bodies in a mass grave in Bin Jawad, near Sirte have been identified.

At a press conference held today, the Head of Laboratories and Investigations Department at the Ministry, Adel Aboud, said that the mass grave had contained 156 corpses, and the department has received 184 DNA samples from families who thought that their missing ones were among them.

Sixty-five percent of the corpses has been identified, Aboud added, remained unknown bodies because none of the 184 DNA samples matched.

On March 2012, some families had identified their missing sons by their photos, clothes, and IDs under supervision of Forensic Department and Public Prosecution Aboud said.

According to the Director of Technical Department for Missing Persons Search, Dr.Essam Zuraiq, there are still 2,516 people listed as missing in Libya.