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Women & Violence

Women & Violence
The Victim Nagia Belkacem HamidiWas Killed on 20-6-2011 after NATO bombed their home in the city of SurmanThe victim Safaa Ahmed Mahmoud El-ZwaiWas Killed on 20-6-2011 after NATO bombed their home in the city of SurmanKhawla Al Taher express AlrajabanaThe Girl is in the twenty-year-old ,she is in the prisons of Misrata since September 2011 lived her uncles after her mother got divorced and is now in the ...one of the employees of Sirte company to produce oil and gas was sexually attaked and the company issued a statementthe Management Committee condemns strongly the fact of sexually abusing one of the company employee on 06/07/2013 by one with sick soul,Dr. / Salma Elsif AlomlyWhen the attack on Tripoli by NATO and the rebels she was killed by the hands of one of the gangs of Zintan on 08/20/2011The absence of security and the raping of girls in LibyaLibya of arrests, Libya of torture, Libya of murders, of political assassination, Libya of weapons and finally Libya of rape and sexual abuse.Girl's body was found after Libyan between 17 to 20 miles from the port of GirgisOn 17 -4-2013 the body of a girl was found about 20 miles away from the port of Girgis, with signs of torture and burning and the traces of a bullet in the headMessage from detained on a paper napkinMessage on a paper napkin, arrived from one of the detainees at el hadaba prison,talking about the prison abuses that happened at the prison of Mitiga,Najat Mohammed MarghanyWhat is happening in Libya, specifically the National Guard headquarters in Tripoli where there are arrested more than sixty Lybian Girls without trial or any charges...The death of a Libyan journalist after a kidnapped attempt in daylight in front of traffic policemanThe journalist Eman Tira was exposed to an abduction at gunpoint around three in the afternoon, in front of the eyes of the traffic policeman who was just watching as she said I was excited and I can not Describethe the situation, but saidA civilian woman is prosecuted in front of a militarycourtName : Hend
Age: 38 Year-old
Marital Status– Divorced
Work : Dialogue Forum, Omar Mukhtar Street - Airport Road - external connection
Residence - Factory Abu Salim