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Taaroghae tragedy

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Taaroghae tragedy
Ibrahim Khaled (24 years)Ibrahim Khaled (24 years) - one of the people of Tawergha - a taxi driver after spending weeks as trying to escape from the opposition groups across the west of the country before being arrested by gunmenMissing: - Citizen Osama Abdel-Salam AlmherName: Abdullah Masoud Younis .. Missing from the date of 07.24.2013Nasser Mohammed AlsaheliNasser Mohammed Alsahili kidnapped last night at the University of BenghaziLibya: In tough times, Benghazi commemorates 'International Day Against Torture'Benghazi, the birthplace of Libya’s February 17th Revolution, is fraught these days with risk. In the past month, there have been bombings of police and military installations, tense demonstrations, and shootouts between security forces and other armed groups, resulting in dozens of casualties and hundreds of injuries. OMCT is treading into this uncertain terrain this week to call for an end to the violence on the occasion of June 26, the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.The kid Mohammed Lutfi Mohammed AlmaktofBodies identifiedThe Missing People and Martyrs Ministry announced that the remains of 102 bodies in a mass grave in Bin Jawad, near Sirte have been identified.Enniskillen survivor asks Libyan prime minister to compensate IRA victimsPeter Robinson hands over letter to Libya's premier Ali Zeidan on behalf of victim of Remembrance Sunday bomb attackStory victim Saad Mohammed AbdulhafeezI have a weak heartbeat disease " Cardiac dysrhythmia", diabetes, blood pressure, and Liver Inflammation, I came out of the camp of Sidi Faraj in Benghazi by an airplane and reached the "Khallet Alforjan" where lived my displaced sister in her rented house,Financial services Monitor Alhaj Ali Shanab was lost in Tripoli on Saturday on 18/5/2013Ahmed Abd AlSalam Snosy Amr AlRabeey… MissingKaryounis campthere is almost a thousand out of two hundred and eighty-five family at Garyounis Camp,it is not better than the rest of the displaced camps in Tawergha distributed across LibyaTragedy of Al-halis camp .... Houses pipeline camp in BenghaziCamp Al-halis is one of the camps for displaced people in Tawergha in the eastern region out of six camps, the biggest of them is Al-halis ...Pictures of the bodies of the citizens of Tawergha and members of the Libyan army was tortured and murdered by militias of MisrataPictures of the bodies of the citizens of Tawergha and members of the Libyan army was tortured and murdered by militias of MisrataArab Organization for Human Rights in Libya, calling for the Libyan authorities to protect displaced people Tawergha in Benghazithe Arab Organization for Human Rights in Libya follow up with great concern the issue of abuse, that happened for the displaced people in Tawergha camp in Benghazi by a group outlaws.Misrata militias reserve the citizens of the city of Tawergha in a cageThis shocking scenes filmed inside the zoo of Misrata in Libya. Record once again, the excesses of the militias that fought Gaddafi soldiers and which has become today controlling in several areas of the countryThe kid Mohamed Abd ElMaged Ahmed Abd ElWahedMoftah ElsamhName: Moftah ElsamhMohammad Omar EmaraName: Mohammed Omar EmaraAli RamadanName: Ali RamadanSaleh AhkafName:Saleh AhkafSaleh SaadallahName:Saleh Saadallah

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