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Privet... official Libyan document prove the involvement of a terrorist cell belonging to Egyptian Presidentrobbery of public money became a phenomena in Libya?Cash advance for Sheikh Albaden... is it an exception?Postponing the return of the people of Tawergha to their cityPostponing the return of the people of Tawergha to indefinite date, after military threats from the city of Misrata in the complicity of the Libyan government from doing its role towards its citizensAdvanced Cash for the fat Sheikh ... is it exception…???Theft of public money ... Had it become a theme in Libya????Ansar Shariah Libya: Burma Ambassador Out Or We Cut His Throat!This is the same group that slaughtered American Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. This is the same group the Obama administration hired to "protect our embassy" in Libya. Obama has done nothing to bring them to justice, but he has jailed a you tube user for a film Obama considered blasphemous under Islam.Libya Shield Force 7 requests from the General Staff exempted from its mandated tasks and recognizes its equipmental-Sharia supporters in Libya: if not expel the ambassador of Burma we’ll kill himSharia supporters .. face of El-Qaeda now speaks forcefully imposing himself today on the libyan land,spreading its hand all over the place freely and with strength under the cover of Islam,they slaughter publicly and in secret thay are practicing all vicesLibya appointment of new ministers to its Ministry of the InteriorSetting the child Mohammed Mustafa Blablo who is born in 1997 in the Civil Status Authority and he has not attained the age of sixteen yet ...!!!Million and seven hundred thousand monthly salaries for gathering the rebels Saraya of the Chiefs of StaffMillion and seven hundred thousand monthly salaries for gathering the rebels Saraya of the Chiefs of Staff ... but where are they from responsibility of protecting the citizen????A repudiation statement of the fifth local council on Akram JnyenThe people of Tawergha sending the second letter after the first that was on 15.5.2013 about the mass grave claimed by the city of Misrata ...!!!L’enfant Faraj Fathallah MadyFaraj Fathallah Mady un enfant mais les terroristes ne l’ont pas laissé tenir ses examens finaux 2013 ils ont volé sa joie de vivre et la joie deItinerant statement and displaced Libyan city of Tawergha regarding allegations of the local council of the city of Misrata on mass grave in TawerghaAbuses, nepotism and bribery in Libya is boundlessDrain the treasury by the Libyan rebels, who could not even secure the ministries of repeated militia attacks ...!!!Statement of Qatar Embassy in TripoliProtests of the supreme coordinating body of Libya's political isolation.. impose their agenda on peopleLaws of the Violation of Human Rights in New LibyaThe National Transitional Council (CNT) has enLaw ed several laws contradictory to agreements, treaties and protocols signed and ratified by Libya, including the International Covenant on Human Rights and the Covenant of African Rights, Human and Peoples.The head of the Libyan organization to combat corruption "Mohammed Boukaiqis" .. reveals the Libyan people's money thefthead of the Libyan organization to combat corruption "Mohammed Boukaiqis" on Libya channel:

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