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Crimes & violations

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Crimes and violations
The Death of Adel Hamed Hussein by torture on the hand of militias in TripoliDeath of Adel Hamed Hussein Hamad as a result of torture by militias in the city of Tripoli, after he was kidnapped on 27/09/2013The death of Fattah Alhmala Muhammad and Tariq Faraj Khaled Alakora by unknown assailants.The Colonel "Abdul Jalil Altarhuni the commander of 147 infantry battalion confirmed that both" Fattah Alhmala Muhammadan assassination attempt front of a mosque after a car bomb in BenghaziA car exploded a short while ago, near the island of sokour el gaw city of Benghazi.The assassination of a security in the Criminal Investigation of the city of Derna.In the evolution of the security scene in Libya and the process of targeting security personnel and the army by some armed groups who assassinated3 bodies of people were killed as a result of heavy gunfire on their bodies and signs of severe torture and handcuffedOn the morning of 9/10/2013 arrived a report which expressed the existence of 3 bodies in the car type Maxima in the way of Negila near (Bayyara)The assassination of Colonel Hamad oftah AldgaraThe assassination of Colonel Hamad oftah AldgaraThe survival of the police officer in Benghazi from a bomb attack on his car at ElruizatThe officer "Ismail Mohammed Sharif Saaiti", Police Captain Benghazi, has miraculously escaped the bombing by an explosive device targeted a police car, which he was driving on Wednesday morning at Ruwaisat areaThe survival of Lt. Col. Abdul Aziz Darsi from an assassination attempt by an improvised explosive deviceLt. "Abdel Aziz Mahmoud Darsi" has survived from an assassination attempt when unidentified placed an explosive device in his car that exploded before riding his car, which was parking in front of his house at Elsayeda Khadiga district at the entrance to the western city of Derna.The survival of the captain of the Security Directorate in Benghazi from the assassination attemptThe survival of Captain of the Security explosive Department in Benghazi Ismail Mohamed Sharif, on Wednesday, from an assassination attempt in front of his home in Almajora region.Finding an unidentified body in Benghazi street MisurataSome citizens found on Wednesday morning in the city of Misrata, an unidentified body in a BMW car in Benghazi Street next to the Faculty of Arts.The death of Colonel pilot Abdullah Abu Zeid Barasi affected by his injuries in Galaa.The pilot Colonel Abdullah Abu Zaid Barasi, died on Sunday, after an assassination attempt in the Hawari area of Benghazi by unknown assailants.A Colonel at Benina base was exposed to an assassination attempt.The pilot Colonel Abdullah Abu Zaid Barasi,faced this morning an assassination attempt in the Hawari area by unknown assailants.Death of rapper "Nofal Idriss Kabylian" after he was kidnapped by an unknown group.Death of rapper "Nofal Idriss Kabylian" after he was kidnapped on 10/02/2013 pm by an unknown group His body was found on 03/10/2013 lyingTouati Alaazh survived from two assassination attempts.According to news resources for survival Touati Alaazh from two assassination attempts,The kidnapping of two elements of the Supreme Security Committee.News resources reported the kidnapping two of the elements of the Supreme Security Committee and handed them over to the city Misrata through Mlisheh of Tajora.The Assassination of Abdullah Elmahdy, the retired officer in Benghazi.Abdulla elMahdy the retired head unit was assassinated on Saturday morning by gunmen in BenghaziNews of the assassination of Abdullah Mahdi, one of the elements of national security in BenghaziA large body of news about the assassination, of "Abdullah al-Mahdi," one of the elements of national security after being shot by unknownin Hadaek area in Benghazi this morningAn attempt to assassinat a unit manager of information security in ElbidaaSome Informed sources confirmed that the unit manager of information security at Baidaa Tawfiq al-Sanusi was exposed at dawn on Friday at his home of an assassination attempt by unknowns in the city of BaydaMohammed Issa al-Jabali the victim was tortured to death by the militias for the second award.Mohammed Issa al-Jabali has been arrested and tortured to death by armed militias of assigning second to avenge the death of Adnan al-Shibani on 21/9/3013Death of moalef Abdullah bin Salem Khatiri, at the hands of militias Martyrs corner02/10/2013. At 10 at night in the Garef valley – Sirte,the (battalion Abouhliqh) at one of the gates and the young Elkateb Abdullah Salem who is 16 years was far from themThe arrest of a Chadian gang stealing and doing armed robbery in the GalloA group of rebels at Gallo city arrested a gang of Chadian the theft and robbery by theforce of arms to city center.The kidnapping of the medical supply responsible in the Technical Department in TripoliHani al-Oraibi, the Information Officer at Hawari hospital in Benghazi said that on Wednesday the responsible of technical management in the medical device supply in Tripoli was kidnapping by unknown assailants while he was in the capital Tripoli.

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