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Crimes of armed militias

Crimes of armed militias
Members of Zawia Martyrs Brigade killed in Sirte ambushSix members of the Libyan Zawia Martyrs Brigade manning the Khasum Al-Khail checkpoint south of the town of Sirte, have died after being ambushed by unidentified gunman early this morning.Prison chief murdered in TripoliThe head of Al-Ruiymi prison in Ain Zara, was assassinated this morning.

Wissam Ismail Smeida was one of the men who, late during the revolution, attempted but failed to kill Qaddafi’s intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi and other members of the regime who were taking refuge at the unfinished Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Hay Al-Andalous
Video shows how Nalut rebels threw the bodies of the Libyan army members in wellsDuring the bloody events the Apache helicopters was scanning the front while the rebels was assigned to scan the ground after the ApacheShooting of director of the National Commercial BankMohammed Ahmed Ibrahim ElshobshenHamza Saleh ElmosmariAssassination of Brigadier Mabrouk Khalifa BelkheirAssassination of Brigadier Mabrouk Khalifa Belkheir from navy armed forces.The victim is a father of eight children.He was killed by secret hands in Bmeitaiqa in Tripoli, where he wcalled to be a witness and killed their.Essa Milad ElvetoriAdel Mahmoud AltorkiUnidentified bodyMoatasem BlaauFathi Suleiman Hussein AlmizranBody of a young Libyan citizenSix bodies from army elementsOmar Mohammed Abd Al Aziz AlmansoriThe victim Ahmed Abdulsalam Zenker GaddafiAhmed Abdulsalam Zenker Gaddafi from the city of Sabha was traveling with a friend on 06.13.2013 to Tripoli ,and an armed gang faced them on the way of Mizdah to take the carThe assassination of the counselor: "Mohamed Naguib Ibrahim Howeidi" in DernaThe assassination of the counselor: "Mohamed Naguib Ibrahim Howeidi" in DernaThe victim Imad ELHOUDERIOne of the victims of militias and armed gangs, unfortunately, there is not enough information about him, please from whoever recognizes the victim to provide us with moreThe victim Ayman ElwaraflyAyman Elwarafly one of the residents of El Hadaba Tripoli, has been kidnapped for about three months, was found yesterday at Elsafcefh project, he has a bullet in his head, and heHamza Hamdi Al Naasle citoyen Hamza Hamdi Al Naas a été blessé 17/06/2013 après l'explosion d'une bombeHolocauste Misrata et les enfants de Tawergha ..!Enfant Omar Altaorga né 1998, a été arrêté avec son père dans l'unité de la prison de Misrata en Octobre 2011 et il a beaucoup souffert à l'intérieur de cette prisonvidéo Affrontements de l’université de Syrte 13/06/2013Le 13 \ 06 \ 2013 bagarre entre groupes armés de Rafla et Alforjan intérieur de l’Université de Syrte a la suite blessé certains étudiants et étudiantes

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