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Human Rights Reports

Reports of human rights organizations
Fifth report of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court , to the Security Council of the United Nations ( 2011 ) pursuant to Council resoluInternational Criminal Court ( ICC )

District attorney’s office
Report of the International criminal Court on the militias for crimes against supporters of Colonel GaddafiPart of the report of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court "fato bensouda" in the Security Council session dated 08/05/2013 was on ....Twarghae in Libya - a report from International AmnestyIn mid-August / August 2011, militants attacked belong to the opposition, of Misrata , town Twarghae , inhabited by about 30,000 Libyans are black - skinned .the darker side of the Libyan RevolutionAll civilians deserves all protection, but some civilians deserve more protection than others, or so things look like today in Libya.Libya must respected, "the law of political isolation" of human rightsLibya should ensure the process of Litigation for the Libyans who it receivedLibya must focus on the judicial system during the Paris meetingLibya: preventing displaced people from returning to their homesThe cities Tamina and Kararim turned into ghost cities because Misrata officials prevented thousands of people from returning back to their homes. The armed groups from Misrata are looting homes and destroying same as they did for a month in Tawergha.Libya: Slow Pace of Reform Harms Rights(Tripoli)– Libya is still plagued by serious rights abuses, including arbitrary arrests, torture, and deaths in detention nearly a year-and-a-half after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, Human Rights Watch said today at a news conference for its World Report 2013.Libya: Foreign nationals face abuse and exploitationUndocumented foreign nationals in Libya remain at risk of a wide range of human rights abuses.

The briefing “We are foreigners, we have no rights” is based on fact-finding visits to Libya between May and September 2012, and examines the plight of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Libya.
Libya: Rein in Armed GroupsThe killing of US ambassador Chris Stevens and three other US embassy personnel in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, should be a wake-up call to the Libyan government on the need to rein in armed groups that have been defying the law in Libya.NATO: Investigate Civilian Deaths in Libya(Brussels) – The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has failed to acknowledge dozens of civilian casualties from air strikes during its 2011 Libya campaign, and has not investigated possible unlawful attacks, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.Libya: Revoke Draconian New Law(New York) – Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) should immediately revoke a new law that bans insults against the people of Libya or its institutions, Human Rights Watch said today. The law also prohibits criticism of the country’s 2011 revolution and glorification of the deposed former leader Muammar Gaddafi.Libya: Letter to Misrata CouncilsUpdate: In response to Human Rights Watch’s April 8 letter to the leaders of the Mistrata Councils, the Misrata Local Council sent this reply on April 11 (Human Rights Watch translation; original in Arabic), the Misrata Military Council sentthis reply on May 3 (Human Rights Watch translation; original in Arabic)*Libya: 'Out of control' militias commit widespread abuses, a year on from uprisingArmed militias operating across Libya commit widespread human rights abuses with impunity, fuelling insecurity and hindering the rebuilding of state institutions, warned Amnesty International in a new report released today, a year on from the start of the February 2011 uprising.Libya: Diplomat Dies in Militia CustodyThe Libyan government should send a message that it will not tolerate torture and vigilante justice. The rule of law, and punishment for crimes, apply to all Libyans, including those who fought against Muammar Gaddafi.

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