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Documents and Facts
Execution and renewal contract of the outer luminescent of the building of Ministry of HealthLetter from the Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation in Libya in transitional government to Mr. Head of Financial Affairs about a number of 17 billA letter addressed from the Foreign Ministry to the director of banking operationsSupply air conditions to the University of Sabha worth four hundred and ninety-five thousand and four hundred Libyan Dinars...!!!Stealing the Libyan monuments of ancient cities in LibyaThe abduction of the military prosecutor, Sami Abu SabeeRelease the Libyan Observatory concerning cases of alcohol poisoning in LibyaCost of travelling on a private jet for employees belonging to the Salem AlHasyDeclare a state of Emergency in hospitals and sections of the kidneysThis document allows the creation of (((Qatari Office))) at the World Bank in LibyaHealth budget.. One hundred and ten million inadvertently omitted from the accounts ... or are we ignorant people cannot even perform calculationAlhaji is a member of the Association of rights following Gaddafi FoundationScandals of Doga and and EL Gaad companyTrip bill of the Minister of Finance for $ 48 thousand LibyanAldbebh the beginning of the revolution to meet the people of Misrata in order to persuade them not to attend to FebruarySaudi Arabia conspires on Syria and sent criminals after exempting them from death to fight al-AssadLibyan Embassy in Australia cannot find money to spend on students after 17 FebruaryQaradawi and his opinion in NATO and pro CrusadersAlhaji member of the Association of rights Tpta Gaddafi FoundationInhalation of toxic gases in Bani Walid on 10/08/2012The Transitional Council sends a message to filter to the Revolutionary Committees group and the Revolutionary GuardsQatari spying on Libya under the pretext of hunting legally is forbidden in Libya

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