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Crimes & violations

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Crimes and violations
Full story of Hisham Mansour Bo Egela ElshoshanShoshan was born on 02/22/1983 , he is a Libyan citizen, one of the members of the Libyan army.Armed gangs and medical team torture one of the citizensBecause of chaos in Libya , killing and torturing citizens became a phenomena everywhere in LibyaA Libyan army officer (Beshti) arrestedA Libyan army officer (Beshti) arrestedKilling of Farhat Abdullah BomrezAssassination operations returned to ElKufra cityLibyan citizen forced to confess in an ugly wayHe is a citizen from Ztun city forced to tell the place of 2 people (Nabil - Muhammad) who are accused of detaining members of the city .... So today this is the manner of implementing law in Libya. militias and armed gangs spread across LibyaAttempt to assassinate the Colonel. Hamid Elhassy, and the injury of Ahmed KabylianThe commander, Major General Colonel "Hamid Elhassy" has survived an assassination attempt on Thursday evening at the Quiche region in Benghazi that killed one of his bodyguards (Khaled altwaty)The killing of Fathi Bo Namaakilled today after being hit by 3 bulletskhalida khalidkilled on 20 6 2011Hamid Al-Hassi injured in Benghazi attack – two companions dieThe controversial head of the self-proclaimed Cyrenaica Transitional Council’s military wing, Hamid Al-Hassi was injured this evening in a Benghazi attack in which two people walking with him died.Zintan is victim of disinformation campaign: Sheikh Mohamed WakwakZintan is the victim of deliberate campaign of misinformation in an attempt to isolate it from the rest of the country, according to the town’s civic leader Sheikh Mohamed Wakwak. He denied allegations that Zintan had been involved in last week’s bloody clashes in Salah Idden and Abu Salim.Abdullatif ZubaydahThe moment of the arrest of Abdul Latif Zubaydah citizen who lives in Sidi KhalifaShowing torture of libyan citizens live on TVAfter the entry of the rebels into Tripoli with the help of NATOTorture of Libyan officer by hands of militiasTorture of Libyan officer by hands of militiasBeating and insulting of an elderly prisonerUnarmed prisoners were insulted and slapped by armed militias because they refused to stip over the image of Colonel Muammar GaddafiSlaughter of Nasser Alsarmani in BenghaziAnother crime carried out by armed gangs in Febraury against a Libyan citizen called Nasser Alsarmani .Inhuman treatment from Libyan rebel to Bin Jawad citizensThere is no clear charge and rebels investigate in a humiliating manner and pay no attention to morality and law and human rightsAttack on Libyan children refugees in EgyptAttack on Libyan children refugees in EgyptThe death of Fathi Bo NaamaThe death of Fathi Bo Naama the owner of the Shell "Bo ostrich" Balsoana today 03/07/2013 after being hit by 3 bullets one of them was on his headThe child Khalda Khaled ElkhweildyThe child Khalda Khaled Elkhweildy...The child Elkhweildy Khaled ElkhweildyThe child Elkhweildy Khaled Elkhweildy...The child Salam Mohamed Nouri ElhomidiShe was killed on 20-6-2011 after NATO bombed their home in the city of SurmanThe child Salam Mohamed Nouri ElhomidiShe was killed on 20-6-2011 after NATO bombed their home in the city of Surman

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