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Crimes & violations

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Crimes and violations
Osman Ali MahdiOsman Mahdi was tortured by the armed militias of Misrata and then shot him at close range in the left eye. He was subjected to torture and especially in Elkhashm areaCitizens shot dead in Ben Ghashir - Tripoli 29-11-2011Citizens shot dead in Ben Ghashir - Tripoli 29-11-2011Mohamed Milad Herodh AltarhuniMohamed Milad Herodh Altarhuni was killed in Tarhoni city on 17-10-2011Ahmed Nasr Almchaa be arrested and insulted by armed gangs of ZintanZintan gangs and militias kidnapped student in the secondary and insulted, slapped and forced him to barkIn Elhamamat city Libyans massacred "Gaddafi!"followersAppalling murder in the city of CasablancaEzz Eldin Bo Egela was killed by hands of armed militiasHussien Mohammed Moftah SaadThe officer Hussein Mohamed Saad was arrested in 2011 and tortured till death in Misrata on 25.03.2013Arresting Khaled El azrakArresting of Khalid El Azrak by Ghot Alshall militia and he was tortured and insultedAdel Salem AmmarAdel Salem Ammar is a victim of armed militias and gangsFinding Joseph Kerkom in the Alnoaqah area in BenghaziFinding Joseph Kerkom in the Alnoaqah area in Benghazi in a coma and critical health after electric torture and beatings by hands of militiasAbd El Moez ElworflyAbdel Moez is a child and he is the victim of a shell which is type (23)Zintan militias killed Abu Elkasem ElmodhemAbu Elkasem Elmodhembeen is 83 years old and he was killed by zintan militia in his bed in his house and in front of his sons in elbacol city on 07-05Arresting Khaled El azrakArresting Khaled El azrak by hands of Ghot Elshaal militiaRevenge and torture of the supporters of the former regime from AlqtronLibyan citizen from the south Libya has been suspended from his handsDr Salah Moftah SalemA crime against a citizen from Algamel city in western LibyaBalkis Elkemei is a victim of Bani WalidBalkis Elkemei is a victim of Bani Walid killed on 20-10-2012Mohammed milod shalkofMohammed Milod Shalkof killed in front of his home in El Kufra on 14-6-2012Torture of Dr Omar Beribesh till deathDr Omar Beribesh was tortured till death by hands of a Zintan BrigadesKufra Children on 30-6-2012Kufra Children on 30-6-2012Abdullatif ZubaydahThe moment of arresting Abdul Latif Zubaydah residents of Sidi Khalifakilling of Ahmes Elshoshan in TripoliThe victim disappeared from sight for unknown reasonsRebels winkle victim's bodiesvictims are members of libyan army,,,there is n law to send these rebels to trial...the offense of their own?

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