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Crimes & violations

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Crimes and violations
Rape crime and investigation in desertA gang of Tobruk, made ​​up of two Libyan family stopped at the gate and call sixty elderly father shot in the leg falling and throwing him in the back of the carAmani Hussein Salem a 16-year-oldArmed militias and gangs controlled the city of Sirte, like any other Libyan cities and the proliferation of arms in abundance in the absence of law and securityAttack on Suleiman Khalifa Mohammed, 50 years oldThe victim Khairia Ali BelkheirThe beginning of the story was on 04/29/2013 where a wrangle between Mohra Hamd and the employee of the Common Agricultural Society (agriculture) worker happenedkilling od Fatma El AsmarFatima Asmar was born in 1978 and is a wife Gomaa Hnbash. On 09-02-2012 she was suffering from the pain of childbirthElsoghair soraya citizenElsoghair soraya citizen ... in the fourth decade of his age... Has been shot after midnighVictim Mohamed Tahar Suleiman Aghannaa born in 1976Mohamed Tahar Suleiman Aghannaa born in 1976, residents of Elzawya street was killed by the militiasCitizens Naji Bashir Hvhh and the brothers Nuri al-Azhar and Essam Abdul Salam and Naji and his nephew MunirNaji al-Bashir born in the early sixties prisoned with two brothers Azhar and Nuri and Essam Elbashr and Abdulsalam Elbashr and nephew Munir in Elzawya.Ahmed Nasr Meshay tortured and insulted by zintan armed militiasZintan armed gangs and militias kidnapped student in the secondary and insulted and slapped himFarag Fathallah MadyFaraj Fathallah is a children killed by terrorists as they did not let him to continue his hold final examsFathi Mhammed Alahimr killied under tortureFathi Mhammed Alahimr was kidnapped by Zintan militias from Tripoli and took him to the dens of tortureThe death of Hussein Omar Eltir after severe torture in ZeltenHussein Omar Elter died after severe torture.He is a young Muslim at the age of 36 yearsSaber Alhmaly El Gadhafi in Sabha citySaber Alhmala killed by a criminal gang belonging to one of the tribes in Sabha.He was an employees in the Brega, and married and has two-year-old boyHussien Mohammed Mofatah SaadThe officer Hussein Mohamed Saad was arrested in 2011 and torture till he died in MisrataA citizen from Bani Walid captured and tortured for no reasonIt is a Story of a young man was studying in the city of Misrata and he was arrested without reasonAshraf Elmadany Elfadel ElwomlyWas killed and captured by rebel gangs in the city of Sirte on 12/10/2011Almokhtar Ahmed Elqaod ElmashayElmokhtar Ahmed Alqaod Almchay 38-year-old is father of two daughters,the elder 4 yearsConclusive evidence of Zintan militias usage of nerve gas in their war against the sistervideo shows a fraction of ugliest crimes against islam and humanity by Zintan militias against AlmashashyaThe documentary shows some crimes commited by Zintan militias against citizensAbduction and torture of Fathi Baesa Abdul Alroaof Sharaf Din to deathThey were coming back to Ghadames on the bus with their families and suddenly an armed gang stopped and kidnapped themInvestigation of the rape of 3 Britian muslim sisters in a convoy to Gaza in front of their fatherA British man of Pakistani origin, accompanied by an interpreter went to the police station Sabri's Security Directorate Benghazi and recited the details about the incidentMohamed Farag Nagi ElkaidiThe victim was killed in a brutal attack on civilians in the city of Bani Walid by militias and gangs of Misrata and with a governmental approval

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