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Crimes & violations

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Crimes and violations
Unidentified kidnap one of the coordinators of the martyr for homeland neighborhoods in Tripoliunidentified, on Saturday evening,kidnapped Izz al-Din Louhichi one of the founders of the movement to revive the nation martyr and two of his companions in the capital Tripoli.unknown persons assassinate businessman Youssef Agag in BenghaziIntelligence source in Benghazi, said on Saturday that unidentified assassins businessman Joseph Ajaj at Hawari city of Benghazi.El-Razi Hospital for psychiatric and neurological diseases has been closed after breaking in the hospital by gunmen and kidnapping 4 of cadresOn Tuesday morning El-Razi Hospital for psychiatric and neurological diseases in Benghazi has been closed after breaking in the hospital and arresting four of the management members and taking them to an unknown locationThe injury of a colonel after the explosion of his carColonel Jalal Ahmed elarfy, the battalion commander 11, was seriously injured in the leg after surviving an assassination attempt on Tuesday.Killing of Elshalash from Batata Tripoli cityShalash from Batata Tripoli area, was arrested and killed on 06.18.2013 in prison Ameitikh under torture ...He was exposed to Skin lobe and electricity ......The assassination of a member of Homeland Security device staff in MisurataOne of the workers was assassinated of Misurata Homeland Security device called "Salem Omar Aboroas" Monday evening in Misrata.invent ways of torture and revenge for supporters of the former regimeHammouda), one of Libyan supporters of the former regime to be arrested by the rebelsSlaughter heads of pro- Elqaddafi system in Benghazi by rebels at the beginning of the Libyan warDespite the fact that this video was published in the early events of the Libyan war, but he did not take the media attention, despite the ugliness of Mafany.Video of kidnapping Allashi Adam Mahdi ShawkiAllashi Mahdi Shawki Adam, prince of a battalion Alqtron Martyrs, a subsidiary of the border guardsAssault on Brega staff citizens during the month of RamadanSirte Oil Company industrial city of Brega staff experienced torture and insult during the month of RamadanSalel...a citizen from Rkdalin killed by hands of the National Security and Azoarh militiasSalel is a citizen of Rkdalin arrested by the National Security and militias in city of Azoarh and was tortured by beating until wounded in the head and died as a result of bleeding and immediately became a corpse, as we see in the video.Youssef Abu Bakr Aldalbh assassinated by hands of Makhlouf Shawarma militia )The story begins with the young man Belkacem Hamad Belkacem Atrchana who was abducted on 02 \ 04 \ 2013Child Osama Ahmed Alsoolok injured on 06/08/2013Child Osama Ahmed injured, on 06/08/2013, after he was shot from Libya Shield forces.A report : the death of Aziza Farag Khalifa Faraj KhalifaOn Tuesday 08-05-2012 My mother was at full health and practiced day normally and cooked us dinner and wash the dishes and sat session family laugh and tell I'm her daughteVideo of Sirte University clashes on 06/13/2013Misrata Holocaust and Tawergha children ..!!!Hamza Hamdy ElnaasHamza citizen Hamdi injured 17/06/2013 sleepiness after a bomb explosion in the Ambouk BdrnaZintan militias killed the citizen Hamza Ibrahim BohesaZintan militias and gangs committed crimes against the citizens of Almchassah like abductions and killing of innocent people and the arrests ...killing of Fouad Elmosmary by a bullet in the backFouad Elmosmary utter his last breath in hospital 1200 .. Fouad received a bullet in the back during the attacklooting Jewelry shops in SirteOne of the libyan citizens who has a Jewelry shop hide all his capital and his goods during the Libyan war fearing theftSudanese citizen Abdullah Vezana,Sudanese citizen "Abdullah Vezana" is a 38 years pastor of sheep in a farm town of Sirte was assaultedthe victim Samira Mohamed AmahmedSirte is still stricken city suffers from militias took control of the city and spread terror among its people who have become between the witness and the deceased prisoner and disabled.

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