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Crimes & violations

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Crimes and violations
Gunmen attack Friday market police station Friday Market in Tripolian armed group and outlaws attacked on Wednesday the Friday Market police station in Tripoli ,as they burned the contents of the center and police cars, in addition to a number of private cars.Gunmen open fire on buildings at Saadoun neighborhood in BenghaziThe head of the local council in Benghazi Mohamed Madi,said that on Wednesday, neighborhood Buildings were exposed to shooting by outlaws.Militias... The first security challenge for LibyaThe report addresses the recent strategic of Business Center (Business Monitor International (BMI) issue in Libya defense and security environmentThe death of the Colonel Saleh ELHOUDERI son after his father’s death by a few hoursThe Col. Saleh ELHOUDERI’ son died Wednesday afternoon, at the Benghazi Medical Center after bleeding due to his father's car collision to the compound of medical colleges in Benghazi during an assassination attempt.The death of a Marine colonel after being assassinated this morningthe Marine colonel Salah ELHOUDERI died in less than an hour due to a assassination today and medical source said that the Colonel died and that his son is still in intensive careLibya: 27 Tortured to Death in Jails Run by Militias, U.N. Report SaysTorture is widespread in Libyan jails run by militias that toppled the Qaddafi government in 2011, according to a United Nations report released Tuesday.Armed militias breaks into Radio elsharea in TripoliAll news resources reported that the militias of the Friday Radio broke into Radio elsherouk in the capital Tripoli,The kidnapping of the Republic Bank branch manager in UbariAccording to some news resources, from the city of SabhaKilling three members of the security in BenghaziThe death of three members of the army and police in separate attacks in the city of Benghazi on Sunday, in the most recent a series of attacks against security forces, according to a security official.the assassination of two officers in the army in two separate incidents in Benghazithe Assassinated of two officers in the Libyan army in two separate incidents in Benghazi on Sunday morning.The explosion of a car belongs to the Center of National Security of the coast Directorate at ElshahatThe explosion of a car belongs to the Center for National Security of coast Directorate without causing any human damage or material damage.Armed groups continue to close the road links between the capital and GharyanArmed groups, and for the second day Continued closing the road link between the capital Tripoli and the city of Gharyan.Assassination of the Associate of Director of the Eastern Region Intelligence Colonel Abdul Qadir Almaadana,The associate Director of Eastern Region Intelligence Colonel Abdul Qadir Almaadana was assassinated by unknown, on Sunday morning in the city of BenghaziTorture of the Citizen Ibrahim Osman Almnona after abductionTraces of torture of the citizen Ibrahim Osman Almnona on 26/09/2013 after he was kidnapped and tortured by Jibril Baba of the eighth force of Libyan shield afterGunmen attacked the Endowment office in BenghaziEndowments desk staff in Benghazi, on Wednesday afternoon was verbally assaulted by the citizens.Local of Sabrata: investigations are still ongoing to reveal the identity of the attackers Council headquartersAccording to a member of the local council Sabratha, said on Wednesday that the local council Sabratha exposure at dawn yesterday attacked by an improvised explosive device (Julatina) by a group of unidentified.The abduction of "Nasr Eddin Amer Souissi," the CEO at the National Center for decision support in front of his officeUnknown persons kidnapped Dr. "Naseeruddin Amer Souissi the CEO of the National Center for decision support at the prime ministryAdnan al-Shibani militias infringe on the hospital medical staff at El-Zawia StreetNews sources reported yesterday from the hospital of Elzawia street in Tripoli the attack on the medical staff at the hospital by the second backing militia headedGunmen attack traffic department and licenses building in SirteThe department of traffic and licensing in Sirte's Directorate of National Security on Sunday morning was attacked by unidentified gunmenEmployee injured in the passports building in Benghazi after the shootingPassport Office in Benghazi, on Sunday afternoon, was shot by one of the citizens what led to the injury of one of its employees.The assassination of the commander of the second secret attribution Adnan al-Shibani as he was leaving a store in the capitalSecurity source confirmed yesterday, the assassination of the commander of the second secret attribution of the temporary Supreme Security Committee branch Tripoli Adnan al-Shibani by unknown assailants.Unidentified firing on Galaa HospitalUnknown persons fired at Sunday dawn, at the gate of Galaa Hospital in Benghazi.

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