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About us

About Alrassed Alliby - Libyan Monitor Organization

Libyan Monitor Organization is a non-governmental organization working in the field of human rights, focusing in particular on the situation in Libya, and in this regard, WHO is working on four main axis :

1 - public freedoms and human rights.
2 - the status of women in Libya.
3 - the status of children in Libya.
4 - the rights of ethnic and religious minorities.

First: Public Freedoms and Human Rights

The organization's work in this field of public freedoms and human rights depends on the relevant international conventions, especially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The work of the Organization in this axis includes monitoring the fundamental rights of citizens, including freedom of expression, and the right of political participation, and the right of assembly, and the right to fair trial, and in the application of the rule of law. And the right to live in peace and the right of  personal security. Besides, the right to form and join trade unions ,etc. of the fundamental rights enshrined in the international conventions.

Second: the status of women in Libya:

The Organization also focus on the  status of women in Libya over the commitment of the Libyan authorities to the International Covenant on Economic, Social agreements and its pledge to combat and eliminate all forms of discrimination against women, and the agreements relating to the Status of women in conflict zones, in light of the fact that Libya live a transitional phase, characterized by a lot of chaos, and absence of the rule of law, making women a target for revenge from armed militias under the inability of authorities to provide personal security and basic rights of women.

Third: the situation of children in Libya

Libyans Children suffer  from extremely difficult situations, either through recruitment and use within the armed militias during the civil war, or punishment and torture in the case of political controversy, and although it was supposed immediately after the war that the authorities are working to provide medical and psychological and social institutions  to alleviate the impact of the conflict on children, the military did not move uptill now and children are still exposed to serious violations, such as torture, killings and displacement.

In this axis, the organization works to ensure the implementation of international agreements relating to neutralize the children about the military and political conflicts, and ensure the provision of psychological and social environment for the children of Libya away from the effects of the bloody military conflict waged by the country and still are.

Fourthly rights of ethnic and religious minorities

Libyans Suffer now from discrimination because of race, religion or skin color, which are contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and led to new phenomena on the Libyan society, including forced displacement, and physical liquidation, and forced relocation outside the country, amid the apparent absence of the right to religious freedom and practice of worship .

In this axis our organization aims at monitoring any violations or abuses concerning the rights of ethnic and religious minorities, represent a breach of equality in rights and duties that are the basis of citizenship by covenants and treaties and international agreements signed by Libya.

Administrative structure:

Alrassid Alliby organization implements all the objectives, policies through an administrative structure consists of :

Board of Trustees:
 Manages the organization and review their commitment to achieve the objectives for which it was carried and reviewing studies and research and oversees all versions.

Field Research Unit:

 Specializes in conducting field research on various issues related to the four axes of  the activities of the organization. And issue periodic reports and whenever a new issue appears.

Legal Assistance Unit:

Specializes in the provision of legal aid in the event of any violations of human rights, and dealing with the relevant authorities within and outside Libya.

Psychological counseling unit:

Specializes in providing counseling and psychological assistance for conflict-affected groups within Libya, and provide psychological assistance to victims of torture, and the women and children as the most affected groups of armed conflicts.

A comprehensive news portal:

 Working all times to transfer news and video reports about what is happening in Libya and to ascertain the extent of the commitment of the authorities and parties concerned Libyan law and international conventions.

In this portal a team inside and outside libya works and those interested in the suffering of the Libyan people from injustices and acts of murder, torture and kidnapping, displacement and destruction of the environment and property, watching what the situation in Libya after 17 February 2011 and watching all the violations and crimes against humanity and alerting the world to them and publish the facts m

Chairman of the trustees council and director in charge: Mohamed Al Amin
Basing the website in 15/4/2013
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Tel : 404-462-7750